"The Paradise Earth" debunked, an email to my JW parents.

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  • FatherFirst

    Hey guys, just your son. I don't mean to bother you, however I came across something really interesting pertaining to the last time me and dad had a "bible discussion" I thought you should see, and since it's straight from the horses mouth so to speak, I assumed you'd be willing to.

    Just in case you forgot, at the time, I was making the argument that:

    1.) The New World Translation when compared to other well known and accepted translations replace several words which seem to change the meaning. i.e. in (Psalms 37:29) it replaces the words inherit with possess, land with earth, and therein with on.

    2.) Psalms is old testament telling of things that has already taken place, not of things to come.

    3.) Throughout Psalms i.e. (Psalms 37:18,29; 78:70,71; 105:10,11) there's common context and wording about the allotted inheritance of the Promised Land (the land of CaŹ¹naan) given to Israel for them to dwell in generation after generation according to God's covenant with Abraham. In context this is exactly what Psalms 37:11,29 and even Matthew 5:5 is referring to because in Matthew Jesus was quoting from the Psalms.

    At the time this was just something I stumbled onto by reading the Psalms by itself without any, what the society likes to refer to as "bible aids." However I recently came across a short youtube video (like 5 min long) of someone explaining that the term "Paradise Earth" doesn't even appear in any scriptures of the bible! The only place you can find it is once in the introduction of the NWT as well as in a footnote in revelation, also only in the NWT.

    He goes on to mention that even the society has admitted that in the context, these verses which we were taught pertains to paradise earth, are not specifically referring to a earthly hope. Here are his references: w86 1.1 Questions From Readers & w74 6.15 Serve with Eternity in View. To be thorough I looked them up in the Watchtower Library and attached the screenshots below so you can see for yourself. Also please watch this short video (link below), he goes into much more detail than myself and gives NWT bible & Watchtower Library reference proof throughout.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Your folks have access to an electron microscope, I gather.

  • Crazyguy

    I found old Babylonian writings saying pretty much the same thing. The bible says nothing original.

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