Will religion ever truly be accountable for the abuse it has inflicted on children ? Sexuall or otherwise ?

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  • smiddy

    The sad truth in todays society is that religion gets an out of jail card on so many levels and I cant think of how this situation is ever going to change in the foreseeable future.

    My main fear is that the few investigations going on is just to appease those clamouring for justice .

    And the forces in control are just seen to be doing the right thing whereas nothing concrete except for some small token judgements will ever be executed.

    call me a cynic but I doubt the ARC will bring about much change at the end of the day.

    Remember they dont have much authority to do anything except advise.

  • zeb


    Please take a look at the posting "ARC Recommendations, please read for yourselves."

    warm regards

  • scratchme1010

    Will religion ever truly be accountable for the abuse it has inflicted on children? Sexuall or otherwise?

    Talking about all religions and religious organizations in general, I don't think that a simple yes/no can answer the questions.

    First, how do we define "holding them accountable"? You will get different answers from different people. For example, what many people who have been abused would like to see happening to see them held accountable may not be exactly the same thing that their defense attorneys will say it should be.

    Then, and this is just my opinion, is punishing religion or religious organizations what is needed? Is there a way of preventing sexual abuse in a religious setting? Is prevention the purpose, focus or intent or holding them accountable? Looking at history, some organizations and some religious individuals have been found guilty and punished. Has that stop them from re-offending? Has the religious organization changed their policies because of it?

    The issue has to be taken from the right perspective. I personally wouldn't want to see people wining law suits, nor would I want to see people losing the structure that religion gives them. I want to see sexual abuse not happening at all, so there wouldn't be any need for lawsuits. Is that what we are really aiming for? It doesn't look that way to me based on what I observe is happening.

  • Vidiot

    Probably not.

    Doesn't mean we shouldn't make the effort, though.

  • sparrowdown

    I doubt we will ever see anything resembling adequate justice for any of WT's crimes against children the family and liberty.

    It seems to me now that if a person manages to escape WT intact, without having suffered physical or sexual abuse or any lasting profound mental illness from the barrage of psychological abuse one is exposed to during their childhood and life as a dub, then, that person is one of the lucky ones.

    Having said that, I believe with every fibre of my being that exposing the true nature of this cult is NOT a waste of time. It's important that current JW children don't get baptized, they don't go on to marry a JW and pass on the cult to the next gen and the general public can see through their honey trap website and recruiting methods.

  • smiddy

    zeb , that is encouraging I do hope our expectations are met and not disappointed .

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