The End is Coming. The Divorce Rate is Going Up. Except it Isn't....

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  • konceptual99

    So one of the things Witnesses have been saying for years is how marriage is under attack, typically marrying the word "soaring" with the words "divorce" and "rate".

    Here are some metrics that suggest that for those who do get married in England and Wales this assertion is not actually correct.

    Sure there are less marriages than there used to be and more people cohabiting but it does throw some water on the argument that the sky is falling in as far as marriage is concerned.


    Divorce rate in JW la la land is not doing too badly thank you - high drop out rate in my area

  • smiddy

    I dont think Jehovahs Witnesses should be pointing the finger at the "worlds" divorce rate as being an evidence that the end is nigh ?

    I think the divorce rate among Jehovahs Witnesses are higher than the general populations figures by comparison

    Also the general population dont get divorced because of a difference of religion as a rule which is becoming more common in the JW religion

    In my 33 years of being an active witness I was surprised at how many divorces I had witnessed and not a few of them had been married and divorced more than once.

    It sounds like the pot calling the kettle black .

  • joe134cd
    Ironically it was a questioned posed to me about the success of jw marriages that was a major factor in my awakening.
  • ttdtt

    One of my last appearances on STAGE included me telling the Congo to make sure their facts were straight when they gave talks or were in service.

    On of them was about divorce.
    I pointed out the rates in a number of countries, some who have divorce in single digits.
    Also pointed to the actual rate in the USA and how that statistic needs to be understood.

    Mentioned how even in our congregation a few people have been divorced 3 times and how that changes the statistics:)

    The point was to try and get people to think - and not just vomit from the mouth.

    And check their sources.

    It was fulfilling to do even though it fell on the deaf ears of a cult.

  • Vidiot
    konceptual99 - "...marrying the word 'soaring' with the words 'divorce' and 'rate'..."

    ...he said, without a trace of irony.

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "I dont think Jehovahs Witnesses should be pointing the finger at the 'world's' divorce rate as being an evidence that the end is nigh..."

    Didn't you know?

    Everything is proof the Org is is right.

    Even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff.

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