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  • Youngaposthate

    So I've been offline for a while wanting to lay low. But I'm doing very well outside the JW sect. Lots of changes I've done in my personal life, from economical, social, maturity growth. I really appreciate these forums, I skim through here and there. I wish every ex jw and those coming out or stuck to keep pushing. It does get better. I still luckily talk with fam since I was never baptized and only made it to publisher. Just wanted to express my emotions. You guys are the real MPVs.

  • Youngaposthate

    I will forever be a young apostate to the end.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Good for you , yes there so much to learn and grow too once leaving the JW cult .

    Being a JWS is like being trapped inside a cocoon made up of lies, corruption, fear and ignorance .

    .......and it certainly is better to do it when your young and on your own accord.

  • GrreatTeacher

    How did you ever make the crucial decision to not get baptized?

    That's definitely the key to not being shunned, but weren't you pressured?

    Glad things are working out well!

  • Longlivetherenegades

    Enjoy! It's good you don't get trapped in the concept marketed like................. they are the organized group worshipping God. Or someone telling you that because you dissociated you have left Jehovah 😂😂

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