Jw church's use of titles, how many can you think of ?

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  • Chook

    GB member , Branch overseers, DO ( obsolete ) , CO , Elder , MS , publisher, unbaptised publisher , school overseers, coordinator of body ect ect ect .

    I think JWs would win gold on clergy laity class distinctions.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Pastor (Russell)


  • sparky1

    Bethel Elder (obsolete)

    I kid you not, when I was a Bethelite in the mid 70's, I remember two brothers discussing who had more power in the Organization: A Bethel Elder or a Circuit Overseer?

  • Incognito

    Publisher - Pioneer - Special Pioneer - Vacation Pioneer - Missionary (the only titles extended to females)

    COBE/Presiding Overseer - Secretary - Service Overseer - School Overseer (obsolete), Watchtower Study Overseer - "The Committee"

    Literature Servant - Magazine Servant - Territory Servant - Audio System Servant - Hall Maintenance Servant - Public Talk Servant - Account Servant

    If you possess a penis, there was an expectation for you to 'reach-out' to obtain a title.

    In addition, there are other titles including: 'In-Good-Standing' - 'Marked' - 'On Restrictions' - 'On Probation' - 'Reproved' - 'Disassociated' - 'Disfellowshipped'

  • Vidiot
    Chook - "...how many can you think of?

    Sorry, I don't have that kind of time. :smirk:

  • wannaexit

    literature coordinator, the society (obsolete), need greater,

  • ToesUp


    The colporteurs, as they were called, proved to be the key.* In 1881, Zion’s Watch Tower had called for 1,000 preachers who could distribute Bible literature full-time. Although the colporteurs numbered only a few hundred, they scattered seeds of truth in printed form far and wide.

  • tepidpoultry

    I heard that a Cleric in The Department of Translation had tremendous power in policymaking but I might be confused,


    (Ref ARC 2015)

  • steve2

    JW organization is a male-dominated hierarchy with rich pickings for brothers who can be enticed by a vast array of elevated titles. Sisters, by contrast, enjoy a limited selection of titles - although Circuit Overseer's wife has a nice vicarious ring ). "Eat dirt, commoners!"

    Ever-present is the prospect of going up the august Jehovian pole, overshadowed on occasion by the threat of sliding down it, pants off. Think Bethelites getting the boot who have years ahead to lick their wounded backsides.

    Loss of titles has induced depression in some and 'earning' of titles through licking others backsides has engendered a tsunami of insufferable pride.

    On the other hand, some who have volitionally slipped down from the roles of elder or pioneer suddenly experience delirious states of freedom.

    They experience the thrill of awakening from the vain and slippery puffery of this title-mad organization

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