Japanese PIMO brother produced music video which is based on his dub’s life experience

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  • pokemon55

    This music video was produced by PIMO brothers living in a central part of Tokyo.
    He knows WT’s CSA cover-up scandals and everything. He is fully awake now.
    He got a hint from his own Dub’s life experience to produce this video.


    There’s a white butterfly boy in a small flower garden.
    The white butterfly boy fell in love with a yellow butterfly Girl.

    But the girl’s parents forbid her to associate with the white butterfly boy.
    Because the color is different.
    The boy became sad and burst into a flood of tears.

    The boy was desperate to see the girl.
    He put yellow pollen on his wings to turn himself yellow to see the girl.

    But as he was flying, the pollen fell off. He returned to his old self
    The boy bawled his eyes out.


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