You should have nothing to hide

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  • Nosferatu

    "You should have nothing to hide". For those of you who grew up in the Troof, did you get this line from either of your parents? Did you deem this as a valid excuse for your parents to snoop through your things, or did you actually have nothing to hide.

    If you were hiding things, tell about them!

  • Gopher

    How about this retort, "If you raised me properly, you should have nothing to search for!!"

  • unbeliever

    Yes I got that line. I was always hiding things. It started out in grade school when I would do holiday art projects. The teachers were really cool and would let me do them even though my mom would always go to the school at the beginning of the year and tell them her beliefs. I could not leave them at school and I would put them in my backpack. I could only see my dad every other weekend so sometimes they would stay in their for a while. Hiding them in my room was too risky. I got caught with a holloween picture once and got my ass chewed out for it. I was about 9 and she went to the elders about it and I got counseled.

    When I hit Jr. High and HS I would have to wear these damn ulgy clothes. I would always hide my "immodest" clothes anywhere I could think of and I would change at school. I got caught so many times that it became a joke after a while. I would get dragged in front of the elders again for lying.

    When I turned 17 the fun really started. By then I had long since stopped attending meetings but I would sneak out of the house every chance I got. I did not even care care if I got caught then. I could tell my things had been rifled thru while I had been gone. I would confront her and she would say "you're breaking Jehovah's heart".

  • Nosferatu

    I've got so many things to list. I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone. My mother picked up and asked "Who are you talking to?" I told her some name of a guy in the congregation. After she hung up, I continued talking to my girlfriend. My mother picked up again and heard her voice. "You're talking to a girl! When you lie to me, you lie to Jehovah".

    She used to snoop through my room and come up with some lame ass excuse. I'd come home, and my things would be re-arranged. She'd give me that line "You should have nothing to hide". I used to record my phone conversations on tape, and then I'd hide them. She found the damn things, and listened to ever one of them. Did I ever hear about that one! After that, I gutted an old VCR, and hid all my "questionable" material in there.

  • Austrian

    After sneeking into my Jdub girlfriends window, I would hid under the bed when we heard the parents walking up the stairs..... Sometimes this would happen at the worst possible moment...

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