Cold war 2.0

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  • mikeflood
    Canada arresting the daughter of China's Huawei telecomunications conglomerate with the intention of extraditing her to the US for "violations of sanctions to North Korea & Iran", Navy ships sailing for first time in 30 years near of Russian bases "to challenge excessive Russia maritime claims" , US Secretary of State speech saying that "the multilateral approach is not working anymore". Maybe the last is the most worrisome. It looks like the US know something that we don't know, that they are weak like banana republics, going to comply to whatever demands they make, or that this is the last real chance to stop little miscalculation and this takes fire...hope not, it's lot more funny talk about the Borg.
  • _Morpheus

    Good. The chi-coms need to be checked on the world stage. They undercut the world communities efforts to keep rogue countries like north korea and iran in check, aside from lessor but important crimes like stealing our technology.

    Also not being discussed is the chi-com government disapearing the head of interpol. I guess he wasnt a member of the muslim brotherhood writing opinion pieces for the washingtion post so he doesnt matter.

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