Jw want desperately to be shunned according to G no 4 pg 9

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  • poopie
    JW STRIVE TO FOLLOW GOLDEN RULE by treating others the way themselves would like to be treated so they want to be shunned because they shunn others.
  • kairos

    A couple questions pose to active JWs:

    "Do you follow the golden rule?"

    "Do you really believe sinful JWs want to be shunned?"


    ..."uh oh, no one is free from sin"...

  • stillin

    Poopie! I think you're onto something there.

    "good morning, we are just making brief calls in the neighborhood..."

    "are you Jehovah's Witnesses?"

    "yes, we are"

    "well, I have decided that you should be shunned for apostasy. Good day to you"

    And close the door.

  • sparrowdown

    That's the real kicker with JWs many that get disfellowshiped for some "offense" they admit to committing would say that it's painful and they don't like it's, but, they deserve to suffer the consequences because Jehovah's org has to be kept clean etc, and, if the situation was reversed they themselves would comply with shunning another.

    I know, cause I've met them and I used to think the same way.

    That's the chilling beauty of effective indoctrination, break someone's natural conscience to the point that they believe they actually deserve whatever punishment or emotional abuse is dished out to them, and that they have the right to enforce these "god-given" standards on others if ordered to.

    Kind of sado-masochistic when you think about it.

  • Lieu

    I want sacrifice not mercy! That's what Jesus actually said in JW minds when confronted about breaking "the rules". Go in the corner and be spoken to by no one!

    How many months did the Prodigal's whoring boozing son have to wait to get back in his father's house after his father stopped shunning him? Oh wait ....

    Shunning? Pffft! JWs don't pay attention to a darn thing Jesus said. Not too sure mentioning the Golden Rule would have much impact.

  • sparrowdown

    There were no conditions placed on the prodigal's son returning as per the bible story.

    If it were WT he would have had to live as a homeless person on the edge of the property for a few months.

    Then, he could live in the barn and have bread and water for a few months.

    Then, he could have a meal with the fam once a month for a few more months.

    Then after a year or two it would be "my son, my son has returned. Kill the fatted calf we are part-ay-ing tonight!"

  • Vidiot

    Of course JWs (as a group) want to be ostracized by the wider world around them (unless, of course, certain aspects of said wider world are useful).

    That kind of thing serves as perfect "persecution-complex food"...

    ...without having to experience real persecution.

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