KH sign.. No "school" mentioned.

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  • zeb

    Recently I saw a posting asking if the Australian KH's had the 'ministry school' deleted from their signs.

    The local hall does with "midweek meeting" and their is no mention of "ministry".

    Now its a fair guess that all kh will have the same signage at the front.

  • sir82
    It's been called the "midweek meeting" everywhere since the new format started in January of this year.
  • talesin

    I'll have my care worker drive by and check out the local KH on Wednesday (that's Thursday in AU, zeb), if I can remember!


    So cool, from the opposite side of the planet, we can confer, and be friends. Wow, amazing to me.

  • wannaexit
    Yes they took the the word "School" out. I am not sure if the reason removal has ever been discussed
  • nonjwspouse

    I remember reading the word "school" was likely omitted due to the legality of calling it a school, and under age people attending, and the lawsuits occurring now. Kind of like how the home book study was stopped, supposedly for the same type reasons. CYA for the Watchtower

  • DJS

    nonjwspouse hit the nail on the head. There are laws in most places that require convicted pedophiles to avoid living/hanging out near 'schools.'

    The change is lawsuit, liability driven. Calling it a school creates a lot of potential issues, such as elders and the Dark Lords taking immediate steps to limit access to the KH 'school' for either convicted pedophiles or those who have flown under the radar due to the Dark Lords' evil policies. Since there are still a lot of these individuals meandering about the KHs, they had no other choice but to get rid of the term 'school.'

  • DesirousOfChange

    What nonjwspouse said.

    All of the changes ever made are motivated by two things: MONEY and LEGAL ISSUES (which can result in losing money to more lawsuits), so really there is only one motivating thing:

    SHOW ME THE MONEY! ~ Jerry McGuire


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    This has been the case since January when the meeting format changed, there is no longer a Theocratic Ministry School, see "Our Christian Life and Ministry" on I'm sure the legality of calling a place a school is a consideration in many countries.

    On a more cynical side a school is where students go to learn from qualified teachers. Not something that happens in a Kingdom Hall.


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