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  • Wonderment

    In the last few weeks, I have noticed in ( the NWT has had new releases in some local languages.

    Today, I read this: "The New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures was released in the Kabiye language on December 16, 2018, in Kara, Togo. On the same day, in Madrid, Spain, the books of Matthew and John from the New World Translation were released in Spanish Sign Language. The New World Translation has been translated in whole or in part into 178 languages."

    No word yet on the German and Spanish releases of the NWT Revised Edition.

  • smiddy3

    And of course the only persons who are going to purchase these books are Jehovah`s Witnesses who speak these languages .

    An almost guaranteed sell out of all that is produced .$$$$$$$

  • menrov

    The demand must be huge in Togo ....

  • john.prestor

    smiddy3, the organization 'sells' them in the sense that JWs will make donations after receiving their 'free' copies, is that what you mean? I don't have a good sense of how that side of things goes.

  • steve2

    A secret wish of mine for 2018 has now been fulfilled: The NWT in the Kabiywe language.

    Now I can start making a wish list for 2019.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This is just what five million North Eastern Algerians have been gagging for. But the thing we are all in need of now is the sign language version in the Kabyle language!

    Of course no body needs or desires to have the JW Bible in these Muslim lands in the first place and the preaching there is done underground. So what a fat lot of wasted time effort and money by the JW org!

    This would not be the case if the message they preach were true--but it aint!

    I guess that the projects were started when the org still some hope of new recruits in obscure places.I also cynically guess that money was to be had from all sorts of organisations to translate any organisation's texts into particular languages.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Ah! it is Kabiye after all, so obscure is this tongue that it was hard to find mention of it on the internet (or my Google was not playing ball).This is a secondary language after French and is spoken by nearly 1 million impoverished and youthful souls in Togo in tropical West Africa. (You did say Togo wonderment) So it's not Algerian Kabyle nor the Ghanaian ghost Kabiwe.

    But JW org: like everything you have ever done-- it is a waste of time and effort.

  • Betheliesalot

    Im waiting for Pig Latin to be released.

  • vienne

    Bethel ... I-yay aitway ithway ooya.

  • LoyalLeon

    German due to be released on February 2

    nobody knows, but Gerrit Lösch (!) will make a visit to the CE branch for the X-language congos only

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