Cart Handlers told never to ask for money, directly or indirectly?

by blondie 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie
    When the new system from door to door started, jws were told to request money for the worldwide work...but at the carts nothing ever? Anything in writing even BOE letters
  • Simon

    If you setup any kind of stand or stall and are asking for money then you probably class as a street vendor / hawker and a ton of bylaws kick in.

    They make the money after they get people hooked. They give away the samples for free.

  • Spectre

    Blondie- You threw me off when you mentioned "the new system" and then went into something other than a paradise earth.

  • A.proclaimer
    No you aren't suppose to ask for money. If I recall correctly, you aren't suppose to receive any money so it won't seem like a vendor. But when I've done carts we have received money twice from people and just took it.

    What's a "cart handler"?

    Sorry, been out for a long time. Never heard of such a thing.

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