New Episode of Shunned - Kacey - Divided family, sexual abuse, drug abuse, & turning life around.

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  • dubstepped

    Kacey grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the same Kingdom Hall as I did, so this episode is personal for me too. In this episode you’re going to hear what it can be like to grow up in a “divided household”, what it feels like to never fit in with the one community that you’re supposed to have in life, and how childhood sexual abuse can create a perfect storm that results in so much damage to a person. You’ll also hear how a person can rise above the damage and find happiness in life.

    You can download the Shunned podcast on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play, or your podcast app of choice (I use Podcast Republic). You can also stream from my site at and find episodes on Youtube on my channel called shunnedpodcast.

    I know most of my friends here that listen probably subscribe, but you never know who might find this interesting.

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