The Age of Miracles .. continues

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  • metatron

    The Ladies Home Journal - June 2003 has an article on spinal paralysis that offers the hopeful view that a cure is no longer

    a matter of if - but a matter of when - with some optimists looking 5 to 10 years for solid progress.

    pg 124 [note: unlike the Watchtower Society with its 'quotes out of nowhere', I will try to tell you where these things

    can be found]

    Under "A Cure Around the Corner" - this quote " I believe in the near future we will see discoveries that were thought unimaginable"

    "To many they will seem miraculous"

    On a different topic, researchers have found that B-12 extends the life of ALS sufferers

    I cannot tell you how many small biotech companies are out there developing radical new approaches to cancer - with

    promising results coming in. I fully expect a burst of breakthroughs in this decade - similar to the way software and computers

    leaped ahead when venture capital poured in to a myriad of small companies.

    Those 'puny' humans are discovering things the Watchtower has been promising

    for 120 years. Amen


  • Reborn2002

    What is that Scripture that Dubs use when trying to entice people about the promise of eternal life and health in their Paradise?

    Something like the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the mute will speak and the lame one will be raised up?

    Looks like technology is capable of far more than Jehoover God has done. Take a look at the breakthroughs even in the last 20 years ( a trivial period of time when considering the history of mankind)

    Restoring eyesight to perfect 20/20 by laser surgery..

    Nanotechnology in primitive form..

    Restoring eyesight and hearing with radical procedures as seen in previous metatron posts..

    Almost human-like prosthetics with computer technology....

    So much for Dubs promises. Who needs them?

  • Reborn2002

    I almost forgot..

    STEM CELL RESEARCH (still in it's infant stages, but possesses the ability to eventually REGROW CELLS AND HUMAN TISSUES/ORGANS)


    Need I cite more? Down with the Watchtower cult!

  • Francois

    I'm one of those guys who was pretty myopic (about 20/350). But I had early onset cataracts and so I had the lenses replaced in both eyes. The operations were done separately about 6 months apart. Each operation lasted less than ten minutes, and I walked out of the hospital with 20/15 vision in both eyes. I can see like a hawk. The only thing is that I have a tendency to dive on small fury animals and eat them for lunch.


  • leddfootdja

    Nice to see you joking for a change Francois.

  • mustang

    Same here, Francois!!! I felt like the Bionic Man after having my lenses repalced with plastic!!!


  • SYN

    You're definitely onto something here, but the real TRUTH (not the "Truth" we all know and love, bleh) is that the changes that are coming in the next few decades will be unbelievable. A cursory study of the accelerating growth of technological process will reveal what is really going on here.

    As an example, there are people alive today who have gone through 3 different paradigms of civilization: agricultural, industrial,and then electronic. Imagine what that must be like. God.

  • Carmel

    This is, indeed, paradise, if yee but know it!


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