CLASSICAL music: value ZERO ?? (The Truth That Leads to Eternal LIfe)

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  • Terry
    CLASSICAL MUSIC: value zero??

    Performances are ephemeral.
    You hear a live performance - and it's gone.
    A recording may preserve that 'in a certain way' but it can't preserve it against other performances of the same thing.

    That's what's happened to the Classical Music Industry.

    So much has been recorded so frequently by so many people and cranked out so many 'first-class' performances (orchestras, conductors, soloists, singers) and the Conservatories are churning out more of them all the time; this has made the VALUE of the INDIVIDUAL performance ZERO.

    That's why the (classical recording industry) is the way it is now.
    (Plainly and cruelly stated): The value of a classical recording is zero.
    Look at what you can buy for NO MONEY at all!

    The next thing you know they'll be PAYING US to take their recordings.
    Performers PAY LABELS to issue their performances and distribute them. There is no money in marketing and sales ...NONE.
    And God forbid they should advertise!

    All the money is in (promotion) getting the performance out there and just being another version of the same old same old.
    That makes the VALUE (return on investment) ZERO.

    That's why we get the Big Box sets.
    That's why the major labels reshuffle the same stuff over and over again.
    This is an incontestable point. (Unless you'd care to share some quaint philosophical semantic argument?)

    The truth is, no matter how much you love your favorite artist - (insert name here) they DON'T MATTER.
    It can matter to you according to personal preference - but you don't matter either, as far as the industry is concerned (and their bottom line.)
    Rather than this being distressing; it's really something we should celebrate (like indoor plumbing and running water).

    Let's face it.
    Collectors are a weird breed on the fringe of the Bell Curve of consumerism. Idiot Savants and Fanboys inhabit a tiny elevator-sized niche market.
    You matter less than, say- fetishists...
    who'll pay any amount to slake their soul fevers and passions of the mind?
    (FIFTY SHADES of GRAY) sold how many copies? Brace yourself: over 150 million copies.)
    You're better off being an END TIME's cult fetishist, too in the RELIGION market.
    The Left Behind series sold over 80 million, The Late Great Planet Earth sold about 30 million copies.

    Jehovah's Witnesses peddled their book, The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life door to door promoting Armageddon in 1975 and the number of books made the Guinness Book of Records at 106,486,735 copies in 116 languages.

    The value of Jehovah's Witnesses' END TIMES message has been DE-valued by over-promotion as well. "It getting closer and closer than close and we REALLY MEAN IT this time!) Pure nonsense!

    Now, where was I? Oh yes - Classic Music: value zero.

    Don't believe me - check sales stats for forensic evidence.
    So how popular is classical music in the U.S.? According to Billboard/Nielsen, classical music had an overall 1% share of the market in 2019, or 12th out of 12 genres. Feb 10, 2021
    I personally am a FILM MUSIC nut.
    Film Music is a sub-genre of a sub-genre
    and I may as well be a butterfly or stamp collector as far as the Music Industry is concerned.

    Most of my online friends fall into 2 categories. (Brace yourself)
    1. Ex-religious cult apostates whose eyes have been opened
    2. Film Music cultists with eyes wide shut
    (Wee joke, that)

    WE DON'T MATTER (to any industry of note) and our value is zero.

    I won't wallow.
    I love classical music and Film Music and I used to collect both - BUT- I no longer collect anything at all. (Except cat hair, bird feathers, and dust.)
    I listen to music DIGITALLY.
    Digital audio has penetrated the music market and killed CD's, cassettes, etc.

    WHAT IS MY POINT and how does it matter to you?

    I've been an EX-JW for 41 years.
    I have been on this Jehovahs-witness dot com group for, um, 15 years?
    I've gone through all the stages of denial, anger, fear, bargaining, and acceptance.
    The market for Apostate writing is in the same status as Classical music.
    Nobody is getting wealthy (or even breaking even) publishing a book.

    TOO MANY APOSTATES with competing podcasts? Of course not.

    YouTube channels, personal stories, click-bait, and such have SATURATED the "market."
    We should rejoice in that.
    The message is "out there" but, like anything else, there is a LIMIT on the value.

    The monetary rewards just aren't there - but- competing for the audience should
    demonstrate what sort of quality and presentation will succeed.

    Every question has been asked and answered HERE (right here) and it only requires a search engine and a couple of hours' time to satisfy the most curious mind.

    In the meantime, get out your scratchy old records (old WT Society books) and
    plug into the cloud (JW.Org) and rejoice in the fact that Jehovah's Organization (just like the Classical Music Industry) is GOING BROKE!

    Those emaciated WatchTower magazines are pathetically anemic.
    The days of a Fred Franz imagination are gone. The men running the GB
    have ZERO intellectual power and their presentations are like CHILDREN'S SHOWS.
    Only empty-headed viewers fail to see this.
    PIMO rules!

    It is OUR JOB to find somebody and deliver the 'last straw.'

  • waton

    nothing beats live performances. For the record.

  • truth_b_known

    Zero is a powerful number. One of my teachers recently shared with me that the Roman Empire outlawed the number zero and the concept of zero (nothing or emptiness).

    Are their too many E-JW Youtubers and podcasts? Well, in a way. It seems they all do the same thing - expose the teachings of the Watchtower to be false. So stick with that and others are anti-theist.

    I was recently pondering how to be more effective in the message that Ex-JWs publish. I am trying to put my concept into words, but the best I can come up with is -

    • Stop bashing.
    • Acknowledge that Jehovah' Witnesses religion, like all religions, can have some value.
    • Back off the doctrine that is nothing more than belief.
    • Address the organization policies that are the true issue at hand (disfellowshipping/no disagreeing with the Governing Body/child abuse policies and/or 2 witness rule, etc.).

    It doesn't matter if there is a Jehovah or not. It doesn't matter how the universe came into being. What does matter is how people treat each other.

    The best thing the Watchtower could to is change for the better, like any other Christian faith, is to stop focusing on the details and start focusing on the only proof humans can offer that following Christ is the truth - showing love and displaying the fruitage of the spirit. Everything else is not of importance unless you can do those 2 things.

    Disfellowshipping is not a loving arrangement no matter how many times it is put in print by the Watchtower. No matter how many hours one puts into the public ministry or how many books or magazines you place, unless you are showing love, peace, joy, kindness, long-suffering, goodness, faith, mildness, self control you are no a follower of Christ. Individual action by humans could never make something God made "unclean". All that is required is to show love.

    A lot of the Ex-JW Youtubers are a lot like the race pimps and race grifters of today. They share a lot of zingers and then stick their hand out for money. Buy my book. Click on the like button and subscribe below.

  • Terry

    Quality of production counts for much.
    Too much turkey-in-the-straw "personality" is tiresome.
    If you have facts or evidence to deliver - use clear (and reproducible) graphics.
    (Screengrabs are useful).

    Jehovah's Witness History is very interesting - BUT - who the hell inside the org
    gives a flying rat's patootie about ANY of that?

    Here is Terry's rule of Apostate purpose. Are you ready?
    Do not take away from a human being any value you cannot replace safely.
    It's like informing somebody you have evidence their mother used to be a hooker.
    You can destroy somebody with that (regardless of how true it is.)
    When you reduce a True Believer to atheism - do you really think the chances of
    them finding a positive and productive purpose for life is easy peasy? I don't.
    Making a Doubter into a DF'd ex-JW destroys their family ties and all their friends
    disappear. Hooray for ...WHO?
    You can quickly yank a bandaid off a skinned elbow - but it is NOT the same quick sting for effectively snatching away an emotional support system with a life investment.
    You crash their market and leave them bankrupt if you aren't careful.

    EMOTIONS are informed by VALUES.
    Shatter a person's values and you bankrupt them emotionally.

    In a perfect world, an Apostate gets a seed planted and the other fella starts feeling the doubt grow enough for the individuality of curiosity to begin to blossom.
    SLOWLY and organically.

    One size does not fit all when it comes to waking up.
    What the Watchtower clones mistake for Brothers and Sisters is illusory, of course.
    You may OFFER them the Red Pill/Blue Pill but it is they who must choose.
    Don't blurt out to a child "There ain't no Santa Claus - your parents are LIARS!"
    No, not unless you are a sociopath.

    TRUTH is like a medicine: Dangerous.
    The correct dose determines effectiveness.

    Tying up all the loose ends and conflating I've wrought here:
    Being a JW has VALUE to people even though it is counterfeit money and lies.

    Be kind, rewind. Don't pull the rug. Treat them as fragile. Handle with care.

    Let them discover little by little (at their own pace.)
    The Child Molestation issue (I have found) is WAY TOO EMOTIONAL.
    Immediate denial shuts them down and makes them hate you.

    Pity that.
    A hint and a source of verification is all you can safely accomplish.
    Now - crank up your old Kingdom Songs LPs from the 1970's and LET'S BOOGIE!

  • mickbobcat

    The only reason I like Live is to see a particular performer. Last one I saw was Santana, the music is never as good as a studio cut and a quality turn table and amp. If it was just to hear the music I would rather listen to my stereo.

  • waton
    the music is never as good as a studio

    mbc; how true, but the best music can be truly moving in the original, with top notch modern instruments. after all, stereo machines produce sound with cardboard.

  • Terry

    When I was a kid, there was RADIO and small black and white TV's.
    Music over the radio was MONO and the quality was poor.

    Long play records at 78rpms were heavy, bulky, and required large needles that wore out the platter over time.

    Now, in 2021 (about to become 2022) we suck perfect audio down in a stream from a "cloud." And the audio quality is superb.

    THERE IS TOO MUCH from which to choose and too much going on simultaneously in 12

    How much music is released each year?
    That's approximately 137 million new tracks every year. Fyi: There are around 38 million minutes in the average human life – including sleep – according to United Nations estimates.

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