Rutherford though his booklets were better than the Bible

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    This appeared in the 1932 booklet "Where are the Dead".

  • millie210

    He wrote himself a great little sells pitch there didnt he?

  • Chook

    All books that encourage people that they will never die can make best seller range, Our famous judge Rutherford promised millions NOW living will never die. There is no better formula for a sales campaign than to offer something the competition is not. There is the chance ( only jokin ) that if we really wondered how JW hierarchy believe that mr rutherford is ruling in heaven now. That's a good question for GB is do they think that the judge is still influencing the org from heaven.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The story I used to hear bandied around was that "The Watchtower is more important than The Bible" - as Christendom has "Had the Bible for Centuries" yet it has done them "No Good".

    Put yourself above The Bible, and the rest just follows naturally (such as all the rules, regulations and defacto Tulmud that the WTS/GB impose on their R&F).

  • jwleaks

    Rutherford and Watchtower may actually have a point. Imagine being given the choice by jehovah of spending 15 minutes reading a Watchtower published Rutherford booklet or spending an entire year studying the bible according to Watchtower's interpretation.

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