Assembly Hall in Jehovahs Witnesses Video

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  • felipe

    What is the Assembly Hall of vídeo Jehovahs Witnesses Organized to Share the Good News where a man is baptized?

  • wifibandit

    Sorry felipe, I didn't understand the question.

    Disculpe me felipe, pero no entendí la pregunta.

    Désolé Felipe, je n'ai pas compris la question.


    عذرا فيليبي، لم أكن أفهم السؤال.

    К сожалению Felipe, я не понял вопроса.


    (I know this forum is English only, forgive me.)

  • felipe

    I'm Brazilian, my English is terrible. Sorry!

    In the vídeo published by WatchTower called "Jehovahs Witnesses - Organized to Share the Good News" avaiable in in this link

    In this vídeo, from 11 minutes, has a scene of a baptism in a Assembly Hall

    My question is: What is this Assembly Hall in this vídeo?

  • wifibandit

    In that scene I see people who at that time were Patterson Bethelites. It looks like: Newburgh Assembly Hall

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ wifibandit:

    I don't know if you were trying to be funny in your first post, but that was good!

  • oppostate

    I understood the question just fine.

    But I do not have a good answer.

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