Gordie Howe and hockey

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  • berrygerry

    While Ali made an unparalleled mark on boxing, the same can be said for Gordie Howe and hockey.

    For those who have played team sports, hockey is absolutely the best team sport that there is.

    "Mr Hockey - Gordie Howe" provides a glimpse into his life (just started on CBC, Simon).

    This clip of the 1980 All-Star game, in which he played AT 52 YEARS OLD, is a testament to this athlete, and this human.


    (2016 is truly proving to be a loss in the sports and entertainment world).

  • smiddy

    Sheeesh , he was 52 years old when he played this game ? Is that a record of some sorts ? Anybody else come close to that score ?

    He must have been very dedicated to the game , I`m sorry for his passing.

    Ice hockey is not big here in Australia , although it does have a small following .I was never involved .

    Though I did get my first pair of ice skates when I was 40 years old., I bought them for my birthday.

    Thanks for the clip


  • OrphanCrow

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