New cart for cart witnessing.

by Crazyguy 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Crazyguy

    I can’t show a pic because it was posted by a friend pimi on face book. But the pic was of a 3 wheel bike with a cart styled front and then in the back a Basket but on the sides below the seat a plaque with the website on it. It’s really sad that the cult is using 100 year old technology to try and recruit people because modern ways of advertising either costs money or will expose them to ridicule and the members are clueless.

  • newdawnfades
    posted in wrong thread, sorry
  • tiki

    Did the higher ups concoct that contraption or is it some local with too much time on his hands?

    Sounds ludicrous.....can't imagine the Rolex wristed would go for that sort of thing. Was it in a developed country or in wilds of Africa?

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