2-LEGGED GOD and 1-LEGGED MAN: A look at Divine Justice

by Terry 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Terry


    1. God is perfect and righteous and just.

    2. God demands perfection, righteousness and justice.

    3. God creates man inferior to himself yet demands performance at His superior level.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Isn't this like creating a man with one leg and demanding he doesn't hop?

    For thousands of years, humans try not to hop but can't help but do so. They all die.

    4. God makes a Legal provision: each time you hop on one leg you pay a fine. You still die, but because you paid the fine, God forgives you.

    5. God appoints Priests to accept the fines paid by the Nation of Israel's hoppers.

    6. Everybody still hops with or without the law and the fines.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    All that hopping is due to having been created one-legged in a world which requires a minimum of 2 legs!

    Paying or not paying a fine for hopping doesn't address the core problem of one-leggedness.

    7. God decides he's had enough! He sends his 2 legged son into the world to show everybody how it's done, but this annoys the hell out of the one-legged Priests.

    8. Jesus teaches everybody to be as nice as a 2-legged Jesus, but he's executed for having more legs than the Emperor.

    9. God, his dad, brings him back to life. Jesus tells his best buddies he'll come back and get them real soon and they'll all live 2-legged in heaven, but in the meantime, they should tell others about how great it is to live like 2-legged people. If they just say aloud the magic words: "2-LEGGED JESUS," God will love them and ignore from now on all that 1-leggedness.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Jesus did NOT return and take his buddies with him to heaven. 2,000+ years pass and 1-legged folks who say the magic words, "2-legged Jesus" consider themselves as forgiven for their 1-leggedness for the simple reason: God sees them as though they are 2-legged.
    God loves them!
    How does this make any sense?

    All the above problems would have been solved before they began if God had simply not created inferior humans with 1-leg and demanded they act as though they had 2-legs.



    God's nature is above man's only because God created man inferior.

    That's the REAL problem!

  • prologos
    Is the gist of the story not, that it cost Adam no arm but a leg to be able to keep lusting after Eve? Jesus had no such inclination, and kept his 2 legs?
  • Finkelstein

    Could it be that god has only one leg and that he though he make man with two and eventuality became jealous ?

    That's why he got so apathetic toward man.

    I'd like to know how and where Satan inherited his sin from ?

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