Question about JWs and adultery

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  • Sally

    If a single JW brother and a married sister are involved (secretly wishing her husband will commit adultery so she can get a divorce) and get caught, can't the husband get a divorce and the couple just get df'd for a year, get reinstated, and be together? What's so hard about waiting a year if everyone welcomes them back and they end up together? Does this religion have anything to do with Jehovah? Do they think He can't see what they're doing? These same 2 people look down on non-JWs who wouldn't even think of doing what they are doing because they think it's wrong. It seems so hypocritical. These 2 are very poplar, good looking, friendly, outgoing and everyone in the cong. loves his mom. I'll bet they'd get reinstated with no problems. Is this how it works? I don't get it.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hello Sally

    Is this how it works?

    Yes, this is how it works - sometimes. I have associated with many congregations and it was not uncommon to see couples who had broken up and with one committing adultery and then getting DF.....who then remarries and makes a come back. Usually the one making the come back has to move to another congregation where they are not known in order to avoid awkwardly bumping into their ex. I know some couples who have remarried and who remain friends and who share their kids between the two 'new' families. I also know some couples where the reinstated one has a new family with their new spouse and lives happily ever after while their estranged partner forges on unaffected or who secretly resents having to embrace their ex as part of the brotherhood.

    You are right, it is all very hypocritical....but as long as they show the elders that they are repentent, they can get away with it. I think the reason why some want to be reinstated is because they usually have family who are still in, and they don't want to be shunned....and so there you have it.


  • shamus


    It does, and it doesn't.... those people would be looked down upon forever.... they would no longer be popular. However, some elders and bodies are partial, that's for sure....

    It's true - they will get re-instated, if they are really good. The problem is that they don't differentiate between sinning in regard to fornication or watching a PG-13 movie. They are fanatical, over the top, weird, crazy, and seem so nice when you first meet them.... they all do, don't they?

    Trust me - after being in for 8 years they are NOT!

  • Sally


    Thank you for responding to my question. Why did it not go to Friends? I wanted to post it. Where did you see my question? I'm a lurker and never post. Guess I don't really know how. If you reply I may not ever find you message!! Thanks again


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