Can you image sitting there hearing this (Spanish)

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  • fulano

    Gerrit Losch giving a talk in so-called Spanish in the Dominican Republic. First begging for donations ...and than this. Brothers and sisters travelling hours and hours to hear this reading, he obviously hardly speaks Spanish, just knows how to read it.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    I don't understand Spanish but I think this may be my favorite Gerrit Losch talk. The one where he talks about all the billions of dead bodies after Armageddon and how one of the first jobs JW's will have is burying those bodies. I suspect the burying the bodies part is when he is smiling during his talk.

  • Hecce
    Well the information is bad, that we know; as far as delivery the guy is making an effort and I am sure that the audience is eating every word that he is saying. Remember that this guy has an interesting background with I think German as his native language and Italian, English and some Spanish added.
  • Tenacious
    I wouldn't piss on him even if he was on fire. Instead I'd roast some marshmallows while humming the nutcracker.
  • steve2
    There are 35 comments in Spanish . I presume they are from JWs who are praising his talk?
  • TheOldHippie

    I don't think his Spanish is bad, and his opening comments when he is talking freely and not has to follow the script, is rather good. I wonder how some of you guys would have made it if you should deliver a talk in a language which you have learnt and is not your native one.

    The first one to comment says it is the same talk he gave in Mexico two years ago and possibly the only one he knows in Spanish ..............

    TheOldHippie - I am sure this is the same talk he gave
  • oppostate

    Even his opening remarks were scripted, using vocabulary that is over the top, rather than simple expressions.

    It's like someone talking in English or reading from a translated text. To me, a native speaker of Spanish, it sounds like Loesch was reading something he doesn't quite own, it's someone else's translation of what he meant to say.

    But anyway, starting off about children and how much the Governing Body "loves" niños, considering the pedophile problem in the JW religion is a bit obscene, and he keeps going on and on about their love of children, and telling them not to have schoolmates or neighbor kids as their friends. If the kids aren't children of another Witness, don't make friends with them.

    Then he starts off against university, and on and on and on, that those who go to university just want to make more money, that they are in "love" with money, that they are just materialistic people. This dude is sick in the head about going to college, why is he so obsessed with this?

    There are many spots where you can see he's just not familiar with the vocabulary he's using, mispronouncing and putting the accent on the wrong syllable, like someone else gave him a word to say and he doesn't know what the word should sound like.

    Concluding he says "Jehovah, Jesus and the Governing Body love you". I guess they've really displaced the Holy Spirit and they're the ones that can talk for God and Christ.

    Anyway, not just the delivery but the content is pessimal.

  • Hecce
    Comments are about 70-30 against
    Google translation of a typical pro comment:

    Carla I FFZ De La Cruz2 weeks ago 

    how much stupidity, jehova forgive them they know not what they say , ignorance the grieves and its output is discrediting the people of the true God , Jehovah , witnesses are those who are filling the earth with Jehovah's Word , the Bible the best musicians are witnesses in the best doctors the best are with them and yet do not need college, because God's people are the best

  • LettMorrisSplaneit
    Native Spanish speaker here ... I think his Spanish is quite good, I've heard worst at the KH. The content on the other hand ..... 👎🏽👎🏽😴😴

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