Snoop Dogg Says Prince Taught Him How to Seduce Women

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  • oppostate

    This article is quite a revealing story of Prince's frisky practices:

    Reminiscing about his memories with the singer, Snoop recalled a basketball game where he and his wife were seated next to Prince and his date. "I was with Shante and he had this beautiful friend with him. I mean, she was hot. Even my wife was like, 'Damn, she is fine,'" the rapper told PEOPLE with a laugh. "But that was him! He always had one or two of the baddest chicks on his arm."
    Prince also taught Snoop Dogg, who was performing a DJ set for Lime-A-Rita's Cinco Saturday, a thing or two about sex.
    "He's the first one who told us and showed us what a ménage-à-trois was. We didn't know! We would see him with two women and, man, the things he did," he continued. "Sometimes he wouldn't even make love to a woman. He would make love to their mind, without even touching their body. I take a little bit of him wherever I go."
  • freemindfade

    Now that is the Prince I like to remember!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    He had no problem getting sex partners but dies "going down" alone in an elevator, yes I said it. lol

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