Sounds like A Organization to me...What a bunch of Bullsh@t.

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  • Buster k
    Buster k

    Hello and hope is family a nice day today, much love and hope to all. Well that is how I am feeling now, not yesterday when I wanted just the opening of July Broadcast of the Cult, no really the opening 15 minutes is full of 100 percent horse $#it.

    Right when you have the Host with that Spandex hating dude talking about how the subject of this month is Organized to do Jackrabbit Will. Well you know many things are gonna be dropped on your a#$, first the word Organized or Channel or the main word Organization gonna be used over 100 times, the second it would be used more then the Word Yahshua or aka Jesus would be used, The third Governing Body will be used a crap load of times and faithful and discrete slave would be used nonstop.

    Of course how many times the Word Organization or Governing Body or even the Word Channel is used in there bible, well organization and governing body appear none, well excuse me it does appear in there acts 15 on the table of contents they use Governing Body, and the word channel is used three times for water not for channel of freaking information, Anyway it won't stop these cult leaders from twisting all kinds of verses and s$it making up words. Within the opening two minutes he opens and says well Some again some say they don't need a Organization or Channel and they can have there own relationship with God. And then he reads Acts 15:2 and after reading it he looks at the Camera and says I quote " It Sounds Like a Organization to me" I was in the bathroom no joke, I promise to the heavens above, and I was in the shower and hearing the Tight pants dude that Strongly dislikes Schools and education said this Sh$t, I laughed more harder and louder then those loud fireworks people are gonna be using tonight, I said out loud are you sh$tting me, no I sh#$ you not. And he proceeds to go on about the Organization and says How Jedi aka Jesus is guiding the Faithful and Discrete sh#theads and How it is a spirit Directed Organization, now here comes one of the Cult moments, I have always jw what does that mean no really Spirit Directed Organization means so are you inspired no of course not, but the spirit is directing organization, ah yes I found that in the Book of Buster Chapter what the $$%#. Every time I push this in a nice way to the jws they quickly change the subject.

    And then he mentions 1 peter 2:17 and in there version of the best bible translation in mankind, it says wrongly honor men of all sorts, well sorry to tell you men is not even in the Greek or all sorts either, but what ever, then the next sentence says of the verse Love all the association of brothers, and then he says Well One Dictionary not Greek word dictionary or anything like that no One Dictionary, says Association means Organization, first off the Dumb@$$ should know Association is not even in the Greek or in the text. Even there own bible gives the right footnote Brotherhood, love the Brotherhood, which means in Greek the Believers, so this master Teacher uses there own translation and goes full cult mode, let me tell you what Webster Dictionary says of the Word Channel

    d : a means of communication or expression: such as (1) : a path along which information (such as data or music) in the form of an electrical signal passes

    So wait a minute do they communicate with Jesus or not or does the spirit directed organization talk to them or answers there prayers. Wait I know all this Sh$t is very biblical.

    A way he goes on all talks about the two books you use when you your bible study what does the Bible Really Teach.....Whoops new Light What does the Bible Teach....Whoops what does The Spirit Organization F#$king Tells you and You better Obey or Heads are gonna roll.

    And wait does not say 2 timothy 3:16 all Scriptures God Breathed, I know some might say that does not mean the whole Bible [ say I know bible is not used in the Scriptures] 2 timothy was supposed to be written in around 65-67 ad, even if that verse with taken with the context might mean the Old Testament Letters or the Letters that were written by the Apostle's at around that era, it still has not one g#d damn thing to do with with Publications for a organization that Claims its the Channel to god, oh yeah Got to love they mention About photo drama of creation and how Jackrabbit was using it to help people to the truth, are the jws writer's being really dumb, I have one of the original version of the book, and it filled with wicked Sh$t and lies and stupid crap, but hey just tell the people that god is blessing it and all believe.

    One final point , sorry for my long format of nonsense, I am sorry, but did anybody catch Tight pants Tony Used the Same Verse in Isaiah 33:22 is the same Verse the Elders used At the Royal Commission a few months ago, these Dudes know that some Jws know about the Royal Commission.

    Anyway have a great rest of the week and very sorry for my long explanation of this crap, But love and a mega awesome day to all.

    Peace Buster

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I love your style Buster. Its like reading Jack Kerouack.

  • scratchme1010

    I'd love your stile if I could understand a word of what you are saying.

  • steve2

    I got doused in your stream of consciousness and now need to dry off.

  • tepidpoultry

    Nice poetic imagery steve2 !


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