Ideas for cult cart questions.

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  • aboveusonlysky

    Feel free to drive on if this subject has been posted before.

    The 'Bible teach' book is usually always on the cult cart so I thought it could make for an an easy intro for some counter witnessing.

    Just pick one up and start reading chapter 1, if the dubs are following instructions they will approach you. Chapter 1 is all about how great it is to ask questions, par 3 then says -

    "Yet, many people have given up trying to find the answers. Why? Does the Bible have the answers? Some feel that its answers are too hard to understand. Others worry that asking questions could lead to shame or embarrassment. And some decide that such questions are best left to religious leaders and teachers. What about you?"

    This could lead to a number of questions like -

    'Is it okay if I ask you some questions about JW beliefs?'

    'do you feel your questions are best left to your religious leaders?

    'Is it true that JW's shun members who openly question the leaders or find that they can't agree with one of the practices?'

    This opening chapter stinks of smelly hypocrisy and so I thought it might be a good conversation starter, I have to lay low at the moment because the thought police are onto me but I'm hoping to try some cult cart questions next time I'm in another city. Any more ideas?

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    When you say it stinks like smelly hypocrisy, I'm almost offended, but I'll assume you're not referring to me.

    Otherwise, great idea, it's a current publication, it's straight there in black and white from the gb's own lips, ASK QUESTIONS, DON'T LEAVE IT TO RELIGIOUS LEADERS.

    It won't compute , but it may be another thing that starts them thinking....

  • GrownMidget
    Go to the cart and ask them to open their Bibles at Deuteronomy 4:2 and/or Revelation 22:18, 19. That alone should already be enough for a decent person to understand where you are going with this, but they will play dumb and ask "Yes?". You can then continue that "How does all the publications you have written the past 200 years count as 'not adding anything into the Bible' since within that time your leaders have also made numerous false prophecies (aka adding to what has been written), latest being 1975?"

    This one is thanks to my sister about a decade ago, who asked Mormons once that isn't the Book of Mormon adding into the Bible? That made me question the logic in my mind because it made me thinking that how can she say that with a straight face when we have thousands of magazines, books, pamphlets, videos and the entire religion is basically surrounded around 'adding' into the Bible. Maybe I woke up for a moment right there...
  • aboveusonlysky

    Good point

    I guess the latest isn't 1975 if you count the generation thoughts that are well past their expiry date.

    With the adding to God's word I suppose a quick jdub would say that the publications are not inspired, but then you could ask why do the GB issue orders to df anyone that disagrees with their uninspired error?

  • KateWild

    Great idea......I do that everytime I approach a trolley. I love that chapter......I then question them on the appendix about the coming of the Messiah and what historians confirm.

    No one had yet to get their tablet or phone out to Google what historians confirm. But needles to say they don't confirm what the Bible teach book says they confirm.

    Kate xx

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