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  • Freeorange
    There’s a term in the corporate / business world known as Blue Ocean Strategy. The basic gist of it is to stop wasting time in your small, dwindling pool of current customers when there’s a wide open ocean of untapped customers out there. To achieve this leap is to adapt or transition to a more appealing package of your current business model to attract the masses. Often key leaders are replaced and there is a period of fast changes that to an outsider may seem confusing. This approach has its risks of alienating your current customers who do not adapt to the changes but ultimately is deemed necessary for long term growth and survival.

    I believe WT is already in the throes of their own Blue Ocean leap. The following is purely my own opinion based off my research. As many of us on here already know looking into the dealings of WT is murky at best. They are masters of deception and operate in a never ending loop of multiple corporate names that you would never associate with WT. They are slick and into more nefariousness than we can even imagine. I have been compiling info from many sources as well as our own experiences (especially at Brooklyn Bethel) but at this point it would take forever to link everything so I’m just gonna lay it out the way I see it. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and welcome alternative explanations of what we’re witnessing from the borg.

    I am putting everything on the table so if you’re new here or still on the fence about WT and their Freemasonry / occultism this might be too much for you at this time. There has been much debate about WT and Freemasonry and I’m going to take the stance that WT has not been infiltrated or corrupted in some way. I believe from the early days of Russell WT was created out of the Occult right from the beginning. I do not buy the Russell story of being a simple “Bible student” searching for the truth - hogwash! He was right from the beginning part of the Rothchilds, pyramidology, and Zionism. Rutherford too was an OddFellows secret society member, not to mention a shady democratic politician and overall nasty person. If you want to believe that Rutherford was selected by Jesus to lead his one true organization you may want to consider his history and not the whitewashed WT version.

    There are way too many connections to be written off as coincidence anymore. In my opinion WT is a well crafted front for an evil agenda. I believe it’s as ugly as you can imagine and I’ll just put in context that not only did Rutherford build Beth Sarim with secret underground tunnels including one that connected with a goat barn on the property but most Bethel facilities have huge underground tunnels. The tunnels in Brooklyn were especially curious with many unexplained off limit sections. There has been many accounts that those tunnels not only connected to the UN building but also the docks. Of course this was always explained away as part of shipping literature and supplies. It’s been marveled how WT got and maintained control of some of the most powerful docks in the world that even the mob could not control. And of course we know who purchases those buildings and that WT filled in the tunnels before they left.

    This is just a small example of the suspicious things connected to WT. Since 2020 many of sincere believers have had the ice water over the head wake up of the GB and the Vx push. Now we are aware of their deep financial ties not only to big pharma but many others including armaments, chemicals, and Hollywood. I have stated on here many times the GB did not make a mistake about the vx. Its was all well planned even before 2020 with their fear porn propaganda videos already filmed and their investments in Pfizer and various PPE companies in place - cue the “plandemic”! There have been many Bethelites and other volunteers come forward since with what they thought was a strange step by the borg to triple their personnel in the assets department specifically to deal with property and estates left to WT in the wills of the faithful ones that die. For several years leading up to 2020 there has been a push to “set something aside” for the borg especially adding it to their will.

    I believe the borg has been fully complicit with the murder of a huge portion of their followers by pushing the vx fully aware that most will die from it in the near future and they will reap the benefits $$$. I apologize to those on here that may be hurt by reading this if you have taken the vx. I pray and work diligently with all those I can to detox whatever is possible and I won’t stop fighting for those that have been harmed. I am fully aware of the weight of what I am saying as it involves my family members too. In keeping with their occult ties WT as an organization may have pulled off a huge blood sacrifice with the vx push. I have long been aware of people in the org that don’t make sense from our PIMI perspective but now see more of the big picture. We have observed circuit overseers, special pioneers, and Bethelites that have told us they at one time worked for the CIA. They were no doubt different than the R&F and their stories didn’t make sense at the time. We observed offices in the original Brooklyn Bethel buildings that had no name plates or designation on them with men who were clearly not witnesses (beards and smelling of cigarettes) coming and going. If you haven’t yet heard the interview by Jordan Maxwell where he describes Fred Franz being guarded by a smoking Zionist man at the assembly I highly recommend it.

    Where is all this going? I believe those that are really in charge of WT and its financial assets are making a big move. When I say those in control this has nothing to do with the GB. In my observations they are merely actors fulfilling their roles for the camera. Above all else WT is a huge financial asset and is not left to chance - it’s all being orchestrated. I believe from reports that WT was “sold” a few years ago and is going through a rebranding. We know there is a board of directors and investors (not witnesses) that manage WT and when I say sold you can call it whatever you want - traded hands etc. It has been reported that WT was part of a CIA program to evaluate the power of cult control of its members even to the point of injecting themselves at the direction of its leaders. Now that a huge majority of the congregation has taken the vx mission accomplished and now the clock is ticking to make the switch before most have died off.

    What we’re witnessing with all the recent changes (beards, pants, not reporting time, etc) has nothing to do with the GB. They are merely following orders from the real controllers as they implement the rebranding. All of this is an attempt to go mainstream as a more modern and accepting version of the borg. They know they will lose some old school members and risk a huge awakening but they have no choice to survive as a business. They have for years been moving towards their goal as a Christian entertainment company where the big $$ is at. They mock their followers with “last of the last days” while they build mega movie studios and partners like Pixar and Blackmagic. The Christian entertainment industry and online platforms are the future and WT is making its move.

    Faith-Based Apps Attract $175.3 Million As Worshipers Desert Churches

    Church membership is at an all-time low, but venture-capital funding is pouring in for apps that teach prayer and Bible study.

    Watch for more break neck changes as WT ditches 1914, blood doctrines, shunning, holidays, and many more as they set themselves up for WT 2.0 which could include a new name. WT is ditching its 8 million for the wide open Blue Ocean 🌊 of literally billions of evangelicals and non denominational believers willing to pay a few bucks to subscribe to the latest faith based entertainment. You don’t have to agree of like what’s happening but WT will be a memory in a few years giving rise to its new rebranded image complete with Serena Williams doing commercials for their latest film. WT is and always has been evil and $$ is its god.
  • Mikejw
    Jordan Maxwell where he describes Fred Franz being guarded by a smoking Zionist man at the assembly I highly recommend it.

    I would like to hear more about this?

    I find it hard to believe myself but can anyone elaborate? If this can be true then the rest of the hard to believe parts can more easily be believed?

    the secret tunnels for example? Do they have secret tunnels in the new Bethel’s? Or just secret bunkers?

  • Bartolomeo

    all very interesting and I agree with much of it, having independently reached similar conclusions. Only one thing isn't clear to me, I don't live in the US and the matter of the tunnels under Rutherford's house and under the WT factories is totally new to me. Could you explain better what they were supposedly used for and if you have any links to consult? Thank you

  • Gorb

    Some interesting thoughts.

    Nothing is what is seems, and yes there is a side of we don't know and see.

    The blue ocean is new for me, thanks.


  • BluesBrother

    Highly amusing and entirely unsupported by any evidence...

    Mind you I like the phrase “ Christian Entertainment Company “ . That describes some of their broadcasts all right.

  • Mikejw

    Tunnels having been now proven under the playboy mansion and Disneyland have been linked to Jeff Epstein type child trafficking. Also the Whitehouse has similar accusations but not as much evidence as the others.

    is this what is being insinuated for WT? I highly doubt it could be true but yes looking at who bought it maybe the tunnels would be used for that in the future

  • Balaamsass2

    Having actually worked at Brooklyn Bethel, lived next to some GB 1.0 members, invited into the private rooms of GB members, and used the tunnel system I find some of this "research" far-fetched. :)

    I think there is/was a pervasive fear of the outside World with many Bethelites...a little paranoid in my personal opinion. Many went a little overboard and were borderline "preppers" IMO. I have had many friends and family serve at Bethel since the 30s. I admit, Bethel IS full of some very strange people.

    I think from the founding of WTB&T Society there has been an obsession with the occult/mysticism/hidden prophesies and making $$$, beginning with publishing, then Real Estate, and now internet streaming. Pure Religion is the perfect product...little or no investment, limitless financial return. = Off the chart internal rates of return.

  • Balaamsass2

    As far as a strange guy with a beard and cigar...I don't doubt it. I saw some strange characters. Usually JW relatives offering Watchtower something free or at a great discount. Donations are always welcomed at Bethel.

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