Is your "diet" a balanced one??

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  • stuckinarut2

    An illustration came to mind.

    We know that the society often talks about the need to "eat healthy spiritual food"

    But imagine that we are speaking of literal food. We know we need to eat from all food groups, and consume the right items in order to be healthy. We should not limit our intake from just one source or one food group.

    So imagine if you were told from an early age that the ONLY source of food was Macdonalds? True, you might eat a variety of items from their whole menu, but it is still all their food.

    What if you were told there were no other sources of food? (No grocery stores, no farms, no restaurants, no markets) Worse still, if you learned of other places, you were consistently told that food from those places was "poisonous, bad or unhealthy"?

    So too with the society! They tell witnesses that they alone are the source of "true spiritual food". No other sources of knowledge are acceptable or appropriate. In fact all others are BAD, and that even enquiring about them is punishable...

    What a sad situation!

  • scratchme1010

    What a sad situation!

    It's harder for born-ins like me and others that were raised being told that that's all the food there is in the world.

  • Finkelstein

    This is what organized religion can do to people ...... and there usaully are fear induced punishment for taking it off.

  • zeb

    Its my observation from a long life that jw as a group are the unhealthiest of people.

  • sir82

    I'll give you a "G" for use of illustrations, and we look forward to your next talk.

  • Spoletta
    Ray Franz gave an example (I'm paraphrasing this) of a mother feeding her children tainted food, then when they get ill, saying they shouldn't have eaten it. I think that's the gist of it. Does anyone have the exact quote?

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