Imagine if the JW logo were an idol, no wait...

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  • HiddenPimo

    I’m in Germany for work and guess what is next to the Bowling Alley in Karlsruhe? Same thing as a cross...

  • sir82

    I suspect, just based on my personal observations, that the percentage of [JWs who wear a jw.borg pin] and [Catholics who wear a crucifix] are roughly equal.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Come on....let's not create an issue where none exist. Comparing the cross to a JWorg sign is not the same thing. The cross is a universal symbol of Jesus sacrifice for mankind. A JWorg sign or lapel button is simply a way for them to advertise their website.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    I agree with you 100%, but the comparison is valid when you take into account not only the idolatrous adulation the r&f have for the org, but the mindset they accuse Christians of having towards the Cross.

  • Finkelstein

    Now now there is nothing in the Bible that says you can’t worship a Web site.

    It does seem like that they worship Jworg. They have it plastered on things like car keys and men’s ties. ..... of course someone is making money off of these items, cashing in on Jah as it were .

  • smiddy3

    The cross and a fish are symbol`s that have been around to denote one`s affiliation with the christian religion , however not identifying which particular sect , and the logo of JW.Org is now used to let people know they are affiliated with the Jehovah`s witness religion yet also doubles as an advert for their website.

    And the amount of usage by the R&F JW that displays this logo in there everyday life , and the fact that it is now displayed on every Kingdom hall , does in my mind constitute a form of idolatry on their part.

    Christendom ( and not all of them ) use a Cross as a symbol of their worship.

    Jehovah`s witnesses use JW.Org as a symbol of their worship ,that also identifies them as Jw`s and also triples as an advert ?

  • johnamos

    quote - It does seem like that they worship Jworg. - end quote

    [9-15-95 WT- ‘The Golden Calf’ And the people said: “All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do and be obedient.”—Exodus 24:7. Nevertheless, the Israelites soon sinned against God. They were still encamped at the foot of Mount Sinai. Moses had been on the mountain many days, receiving further instruction from God, and the people pressured Moses’ brother, Aaron, to make a god for them. Aaron complied and made a calf out of gold that the people provided. It was claimed that this idol represented Jehovah. (Psalm 106:20) The next day they offered sacrifices and kept “bowing down to it.” Then they had “a good time.”—Exodus 32:1, 4, 6, 8, 17-19.]

    [Insight Vol 1 IDOL, IDOLATRY- An idol is an image, a representation of anything, or a symbol that is an object of passionate devotion, whether material or imagined. Generally speaking, idolatry is the veneration, love, worship, or adoration of an idol. It is usually practiced toward a real or supposed higher power, whether such power is believed to have animate existence (as a human, an animal, or an organization) or is inanimate (as a force or lifeless object of nature).]

    The Israelite’s desired to have a visible image made with the claim that it represented Jehovah, in which Jehovah viewed as idolatrypeople today are guilty of idolatry to an organization (or group of men) that claim to represent Jehovah, by giving it (them) undue devotion, praise, respect, adoration, love, worship, etc…

    [4-1-07 WT- ‘Showing Due Respect for the Faithful Slave‘ A fundamental reason for showing proper respect for the faithful slave class is that by so doing, we are in fact showing respect for the Master, Jesus Christ.…Therefore, when we loyally submit to the direction of the faithful slave and its Governing Body, we are submitting to Christ, the slave’s Master….For this reason, all in the congregation view it as their sacred duty to follow and uphold the direction coming from the faithful slave and its Governing Body]

    [11-1-90 WT- Further direction comes from “the faithful and discreet slave” class of anointed Christians. These have been helped by Jehovah’s spirit to understand his will progressively. (Matthew 24:45-47; Proverbs 4:18) Thus, when direction comes from Jehovah’s organization, we can wisely submit to it,]

    [11-15-09 WT- By word or action, may we never challenge the channel of communication that Jehovah is using today. (Num. 16:1-3) On the contrary, we should cherish our privilege to cooperate with the slave class.]

    [2-15-09 WT- Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the faithful and discreet slave, should we not do the same?]

    [4-15-13 WT- How do we demonstrate our support for the arrangements made by Jehovah’s organization? One important way is by always putting our confidence in the ones whom Jehovah and Jesus trusting]

    Adoration- the act of paying honor, as to a divine being; worship.

    Sacred dutyworthy of religious worship: very holy, highly valued and important: deserving great respect

    Devotion– love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause

    Loyalfaithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity

    Submitto defer to another’s judgment, opinion, decision, etc.

    Cherishto hold or treat as dear; feel love for

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