Linking documents between various devices

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  • Wonderment

    I would like to know how some of you link your various computers, tablets, phones and the like?

    Do you network them? Or, do you use Secure Shell (ssh)? I have used the open source "ssh" and "Syncthing" to link devices together.

    Recently, I found out something simpler to use to share documents, photos, etc., and it was right there in front of my nose all along -- Signal & Telegram messengers:

    Signal, has what they call "Note to Self" (Just type it in their search box), where you can dump, copy, paste, or whatever you want to call it. Once you link your devices together, whatever you put in the "Note to Self" message, it will automatically show up at once in all your linked devices, in a few seconds (time dependent on type & size of documents).

    The same with Telegram: Telegram has what they call "Saved Messages." In this box, you can drop whatever you like, and if you have linked devices, it will show up on all of them at once. Even better, with Telegram you can create all the independent "channels" you want for different tasks or themes, say Bible, Books, Photos, Music, or what have you. You can move them around as you please.

    Telegram has huge limits on storage amounts, making it a very popular medium for a storage device. I suggest you make these channels "Private," instead of "Public," unless you want everyone else to see what you store in them.

    Let me know if you find this tip useful, or perhaps, let us know of better available options.

  • Simon

    It's easier to sync everything to something else (like a cloud service).

    For docs, Google Docs / Drop Box / iCloud etc...

  • Wonderment

    Thanks Simon for the tip!

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