Up Helly Aa

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  • slimboyfat
    We were thinking about going to this next week, if it's still possible. Has anyone been? Is it worth going?
  • crazy_flickering_light

    Did you see a "Clam" ever? If not, just go. It will be boring, because nobody give an answer and everybody look at at the watch. It's funny how they make it. So bad. Even, you not hear song 142, but it's funny. So the rest will be also evil. The bookstudy at the end will be a thing you have to see. In my cong nobody gives an answer (exept 4 or 5 person - the I-know-it-group). I only gives an answer if it's against anything they will hear. After this meeting you will know, why you pass the next weeks/months.

    I've born in, and try to stay under cover - but this trash nobody can bear. Most times I thing after this trash, why I don't drop all this trash and get a life...

  • atomant
    Yep know the feeling.Tap tap tap,looking for flys on the wall anything to distract me,scribble on the pad while pretending to take notes while dad and my 6 siblings all sit at the front,tap tap,quick look at watch,Count how many letters in scripture of the month above speaker tap tap ,then all of a sudden now brothers turn to song number 10 house to house. What a crock.l guarantee when the weekly meetings were reduced to 2 most would have been over the moon with joy some woulda even lit a cigar or downed a bottle of vodka whilst others woulda thought thank god for that amen.Halaluya praise the lord amen to that.
  • cofty
    Up Helly Aa - More Fun than CLAM

  • ctrwtf

    Man I'd love to go Up Helly Aa. But I'm stuck on this side of the pond.

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