Why Were / Are the Best Rock Bands British?

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  • berrygerry

    So, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were on Jimmy Fallon tonight as The Who.

    Without disrespect to others, I would put the top 5 rock bands, not necessarily in order, as:

    Led Zeppelin

    Pink Floyd

    The Beatles

    The Rolling Stones

    The Who.

    Why has the UK produced great rock bands, given the US roots of rock?

  • LV101

    I agree and I've wondered why all these great bands are from the UK. Even now, singers, Adele, Sam Smith - there's more, but what is it. The Rolling Stones/Beatles my favs.

  • flipper

    Berrygerry- I tend to agree very much so. I just think that British rock bands ran further with the blues influences of the African American original blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson from the 1930's and 1940's than most American bands did- and it produced some of the greatest Rock n roll in history because the blues were bigger in Europe and England than over here in America where blues started.

    Because of extremely prejudiced views of white Americans towards African Americans especially in the 30's and 40's most American bands tried watering down 1950's music where the be-bop sounded tepid and boring compared to original blues in my opinion. But Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry owe everything they ever started to those old African American artists of the 30's and 40's. It's like the old expression goes, " The blues had a baby and they called it rock and roll ".

    I've just noticed over the years as a musician myself that white rock n roll bands from England give more credit and respect to the blues musicians who started the ball rolling in the 1930's and 1940's. Some groups in America do too- but in England they vocalize that respect more and honor rock n rolls roots. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • FayeDunaway
    Couldn't agree more, flipper. And nice list, berry! I like when people include the Who on bests lists. Their music absolutely makes me lose my mind. I can hardly drive or do anything else when I hear it.
  • jhine
    Totally agree with everything said . The Who has got to be the best , but non of the bands mentioned are too shabby lol.
  • besty

    all from London (except for the Fab 4 of course)...

  • SonoftheTrinity
    British Music was never racially segregated and the Weather there sucks.
  • redpilltwice

    One theory: The ongoing industrialisation in England must have fuelled the urge to let off some steam!

    By the way, I would definitely make it a top 6 with Deep Purple, they really deserve the credits and are in the same league as the mighty Led Zeppelin t.m..h.o.

  • HB

    As a rock music fan, and a proud Brit, in fairness I would like to give a thumbs up to a few US bands who made it to the "All time Greats" list as well: Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Nirvana, R.E.M., Jimi Hendrix (although his drummer was English and his bassist was Irish!), ZZ Top, and a few others.

    On a tangent, my friend who is an ex JW (and former poster on this site), is in a very good rock band which plays original music as well as covers for events, festivals, parties and pubs and clubs.

    A couple of years ago, he was engaging in a polite exchange of emails about evolution and other doctrines with a local JW Elder (in his mid fifties) who had previously called at his door a couple of times and been invited in. (Luckily the Elder did not appear to notice the Sparlock mug on display!)

    Seeing all the music equipment and guitars in the house, the conversation turned to music, which the Elder professed an interest in. My friend invited him to a forthcoming gig at a local social club.

    To everyone's utter astonishment, the Elder and his wife turned up. I and my friends sat with them and were very welcoming, and, although the music was too loud to talk, we were able to chat between sets. I pretended I didn't know they were JWs. It was obviously not the kind of music they had been expecting. the wife looked like she had a swallowed a lemon and both were very uncomfortable in this worldly setting.

    When I invited them to come and dance, it was as if Satan himself had appeared. Because we were all so friendly to them, they were in an awkward position, and they stayed out of politeness till half way through the second set, but I think the Killers "When you were Young" was the final straw and they made excuses and left. It was a bizarre experience.

  • Hadriel
    Of the 60's and 70's sure. Into the 80's and particularly the 90's I'd say no. This little North West state called Seattle pretty much owned the 90's and early 2000's as the grunge movement took hold. So I think it entirely depends on the music you prefer and the era which you grew up etc.

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