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  • Gizmo

    Hi all,
    I just thought I'd pop in and say hi, to everyone.

    I just completed a community job project at a primary school I was assigned to for around 10 weeks. My responsibilities included office administration, and helping students with their lessons as well as teachers prepare for lessons. Within the first 2 weeks of my being at the school, I found myself telling the secretary in the office that I used to be associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The reason it came up was due to a comment she made about a TV and Radio celebrity here in Oz being a JW. I corrected her and said that the person she was referring to was indeed a JW in the past tense, in fact, the celebrity was a missionaries daughter, and I went on to explain how she broke away from the cult herself and what it involved, and the affect and impact it had on her life. (for the better now).

    Anyway, after some serious banter, I asked her if there were any witness children in the school, she informed me there were 2, offcourse she couldn’t tell me who, not that I asked and it wasn’t important for me to know anyway, however in time, during Easter celebrations, they made themselves known to me. A little boy and a little girl, in the same class no less (no relation).

    As the rest of the class were making Easter Cards, they had to be given something different. Their teacher was telling me how at first it was so difficult for her to accept and how this little boy of no more than 7 years of age approached her and told her that Christmas and Easter were a PAGAN celebration and he and his friend were not to partake in any part of it. PAGAN I said. Does he know what PAGAN means? She said no, he’s only seven…hehehehe what a joke.

    I proceeded to tell the teacher that I too grew up as a JW and that I too had to explain to teachers and schoolmates throughout my school days why I couldn’t celebrate such PAGAN rituals and how difficult it really was to do this year in year out. We laughed and continued with the lessons. I had the 2 JW kids make NORMAL cards for their parents.

    About 2 weeks later a lady walked up to the office window, and handed me a book of Raffle tickets, that weren’t sold, she was so apologetic, that she didn’t sell them, and said she felt so bad about it, as they were for much needed fund raising for the school. I looked at her and said that’s fine, no problem. I totally understand.

    After she left I asked the office secretary, I had spoken to about JW’s earlier, if that lady was a JW, she said HOW did you know, do you have a secret hand shake or something? Hehehehe, I said no, just the big deal she made about the Raffle tickets, no one else that handed in unsold tickets was worried about it so much. She didn’t really understand what the BIG deal was, and I said no, there isn’t a big deal, it’s just what they are told to do, by some decrepit men whom they’ve never met who live on the other side of the world, and whom they are told to believe are God’s only channel here on Earth. She looked at me puzzled, so I suggested she read Orwell’s’ 1984 and she would get a better picture of what JW’s were all about.

    Anyway, why have I told you all this? Hmmmm, no matter where you go in the world no matter how much you try, you can never escape that you once were a JW, it haunts you no matter where you are and what you do, as soon as you here the words JW, your ears prick up, and it triggers the memories again. What a crock. One thing I am sure of, I’m glad I’m out.

    Those poor kids, maybe one day they too will escape their clutches. One can only hope.


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  • Prisca

    G'day back to ya. Nice to see you again.

    Your tale about the Witness kids and the JW lady (presumably one of their mothers) brought back memories of my own JW childhood, of having to do "other activities" whilst my classmates were making Easter bonnets, Christmas decorations etc.

    BTW, how about another Melbourne apostafest? About time we had one, eh?

  • Sentinel

    Hi there,

    I enjoyed your post. Sounds like you are living a good and fulfilling life. Yep, those JW's are wherever you'd least expect them. We do have a certain knack for spotting them out--and I guess that's normal, since we know what they are all about. The facial expressions, the body movements, the clothing, the talk.

    Like you, I'm so glad to be a part of the real world, living a real life. It feels so great, doesn't it?

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