JW voting in the EU referendum

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  • pleaseresearch

    So I saw my mum today and saw her polling card that everyone in the UK gets if they are eligible to vote. I asked if she will or not and she thought that its still wrong.

    It's been a while but what is the stance on voting. This isn't voting for a member of parliament or in the local council. But the direction this country will go.

    Could someone shed some light on this please?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Officially, WTS says it's a conscience matter.

    So, if you reside in a country that mandates you vote, you can go to the voting booth and "follow your conscience" -- which means........NOT VOTE.

    If you publicly take any political stand, you are considered to have disavowed your membership as one of JWs "by your actions" -- that of failing to maintain your political neutrality.

    In other words, they lie. It's a "conscience matter", but if you fail to follow THEIR conscience, then you have DAd yourself by your actions.


  • Phizzy

    Then if you want to as a JW, go and Vote and tell no one that you did, in such a Country. it is all kept secret as to your actions in the Voting Booth.

    In the U.K, where you can choose to Vote or not, it could be problematic for the Fader or "awake" JW who wishes to Vote.

    I have voted at every opportunity since I left, I don't know if I have been observed doing so, but I have heard nothing, and I am simply a "fader", not DA or DF.

    As to a JW voting on the E.U referendum, I would say do it , and challenge them if they try to dissuade you, or sanction you, but then you would have to be of the same mind-set as me, that they have no hold on me, they can do noting that I would give a flying e*** about.

  • alanv
    I think most JWs would just quote the ''no part of the world'' and not vote. If they did vote and other JWs got to hear about it, they would be given a very hard time and certainly thought of as an immature witness.

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