A question about the animated videos

by no-zombie 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • no-zombie

    Has anyone found out who really produces the animated videos of caleb and sophia? Are the made in-house or contracted outside?

  • konceptual99

    There was some discussion here in the past that a brother based, as I recall, in Hawaii who ran an animation business was producing them but my understanding from a family member in Bethel is that they are 100% produced in house. I don't recall seeing any corroborating information however

  • freddo

    Certainly isn't Disney or Hanna-Barbera ...

    Just sayin' ...

  • punkofnice
    The dark lord that lurks in the watchtower?
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Yeah that animation software is relatively cheap to buy and easy to do now. It's definitely done in house. They may buy our license certain software packages, sound effects, and music cues but it's all doable there.
  • Caminante

    Yes, all audio-video, including Caleb and Sophia, is produced in-house 100%. I beleive they use Autodesk Maya for the animation. I remember a couple of years ago they were scouting for experienced Maya animators through letters sent to circuit overseers. Some of the footage included in the videos is stock footage purchased from external providers (Getty, iStock, Shutterstock etc.), but everything else is produced in Patterson.

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