secret communion meal celebration.

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  • waton

    The last supper was a get together of renegade Jews on a traditional holiday.

    Why should not wtBtS INC, dissenter, like Ray Franz, celebrate apart , or later, not also have a communion meal, around the globe, to celebrate their shared unity and freedom?

    Surely, even died - in - the - wool atheists could accept a community action like that, Wine under the Palms and the full Spring Moon?

    After thought: One would in doing so also renounce the erroneous " OS dont need to show acceptance of the ransom", dividing the flock wt doctrine,

    on the lighter side: why not use the crackers as part of an ordinary meal? ---because

    remember in the story, when Jesus dipped the bread in gravy and served you know who? grave consequences. ensued. dont want to repeat that.

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