Unsolicited advice for PIMO JWs who live in anguish and fear

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  • Roger Kirkpatrick
    Roger Kirkpatrick

    Before one who belongs to another religion can become a JW, one must officially resign from one’s former church in writing. Many who left their family religion to become a JW have been disowned by their families. Of course, JWs consider this to be persecution. But, ostracizing and shunning exemplary persons who leave the Watchtower for conscientious reasons is considered to be a loving thing. Thus, thousands of individuals remain trapped in the Watchtower religion out of fear of being ostracized and shunned by their JW family and friends.

    Back when telephones were tethered to the kitchen wall, I remember when telemarketer calls first became common. Being raised to be polite to everyone, I just could not bring myself to simply hang up on a “friendly” telemarketer. That is, until the day a "friendly" telemarketer hung up on me when he realized I was not going to buy whatever he was selling. Having that person hang up on me after being so friendly at first really pissed me off, but he did me a huge favor. From then on I took great delight in hanging up on all telemarketers following their “friendly” greeting.

    Apply that example to Jehovah’s Witnesses who are taught to be so friendly to people when preaching their bastardized “good news,” but who become hostile whenever their belief system is questioned or rejected. When they can no longer control you, they will try to control how others view you by labeling you a “mentally diseased” apostate.

    This post is directed to all PIMO JWs who cannot bring themselves to “hang up” on their family and so-called friends by simply disassociating from Watchtower. Just wait until you get a taste of their hostility when all you do is question or reject teachings you know to be false. Remember, it was Watchtower who told you it was your god-given responsibility to point out religious error and hypocrisy wherever you found it. In fact, you were told that your everlasting salvation depended on your doing so.

    I promise you this: If you wait for JWs to “hang up” on you by disfellowshiping you, you will forever kick yourself for not “hanging up” on them first by proactively disfellowshiping them first! Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you that whatever you lose by bravely rejecting Watchtower lies, you will reap tenfold in ways you never dreamed possible!


    So my brother and his family became JWs and got baptized and our family did not dis-own them. We initially respected their decision until we did our own homework. Then we were able to see their mistake, even if they didn't.

    We patiently await their coming back to their senses, but we do not hold much hope because of the WTS teaching of going off to LALA land when presented with facts.

    Please pray for my family and I will pray for all of your families.

    The Truth Will Set You Free

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Good points Roger. I have never regretted disellowshipping my family. But, it took me until age 40 until I was mature enough to handle it. I wanted to for a long time, I just couldn't let go until I realized that there was no amount of buffoonery that would be too much to get them to stop worshiping JW.org.

    I was young enough to start my own family ... again. The longer people wait, the more regret they will have I believe. Now I wished I had taken a stand 10 years before I did!

    I pray for them, I just can't stand to be around the arrogance and blindness.I finally grew up and took what life had dealt me like a adult ..... took a while though.

    Glad you posted this. It is a point of view that is not offered very much on this board.

  • pbrow

    I would add that pimo is a misnomer. If you are staying in to placate a family member that you think will shun you you are literally still mentally in.

    Your personal freedom is worth losing long term relationships that were built on the foundation of sand. It may be hard to hear but if your friends will ditch you because you do not share every single thought with them, they are not real friends.

    Sea breeze is correct although I remember not being able to fathom the idea..... the longer you wait to get out, the more regret you will have, especially if you have kids. Get out today!


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