1938 - Freedom or Romanism? ( aka "Warning")

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    Cool, thanks

    Interestingly, also available online - in full - from The National LIbrary of Australia....


    Yearbook 1983, pages 63 to 64 - Australia


    In 1938 J. F. Rutherford, the Society’s president, visited Sydney for a convention, which was held in the Leichhardt Stadium. Plans were made for him to give the public talk at the Sydney Sports Ground, and contracts were signed for his address to be published in a morning newspaper and broadcast throughout the country by radio. By this time Brother Rutherford was well known for his outspoken remarks about the activities of the Roman Catholic Church in public affairs. As a result, the press and radio authorities wanted to censor his speech before handling it, but this was unacceptable to the brothers. So arrangements were made to include it in a booklet under the title Freedom or Romanism? One million copies of this bright-red “bombshell” were printed for distribution throughout Australia. Meanwhile, Brother Rutherford was the center of intense publicity. As a result, close to ten thousand people came to hear him speak. At that time there were only 1,300 Witnesses in all Australia, so the witness given was great indeed.

    One of the reasons for Brother Rutherford’s visit was to examine complaints about certain commercial activities that the Australian branch had developed to give brothers employment. He was satisfied that these things were not harming the preaching of the good news and commended Brother MacGillivray on his initiative. However, later on these enterprises were to bring trouble and difficulty.

  • Simon

    "Those gypos will steal yer bicycles when you're not looking ..."

    Not sure if they just reflect the times or if they were standouts in their intolerance at the time.

    Nowadays we're more enlightened. We know it's the Irish / Jews / Muslims / White Patriarchs / Blacks / LGBTQ+ / Video-Game-Playing-Youths / Hipsters that will steal your bike.

    * delete as appropriate to confirm whatever narrative you desire.

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    Interestingly, also available online - in full - from The National Library of Australia....

    Yes, I have seen that one, but I think mine is better quality being that it is in colour.

    I have wondered why the cover of the National Library one, has the '222.b.' printed on it. ?

  • darkspilver

    Yes, I have seen that one, but I think mine is better quality being that it is in colour.

    Actually, I was going through my own archive, and to be honest, it's fairly difficult to find stuff that isn't already available online in one form or another..... difficult, but not impossible

    I do also greatly appreciate, as I'm sure lots of others do, the time and effort expended by various people to make these things available online.

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