Financial bubbles....

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  • mikeflood

    All of those doomsayers about the central banks throwing money in the economy of the countries through quantitative easing (QE) ....and eventually making cash that for real?

  • lastmanstanding

    Absolutely. Does that spell Armageddon..??? NO! Not Watchtower style anyway.

    The USD is supported by the fraud of the FED, like Bernie Madoff on steroids.

    The CIA is also employed, to destroy the currencies of other nations, creating a vacuum that is then filled with the USD in order to create a false demand.

    It all comes apart in the end. The only question is, what will fill THAT vacuum when the USD finally falls apart.

  • wallsofjericho

    Historically the US is due for an economic contraction 2018-2020

    i am not an economist but when watching economists debate the current US condition everything happening with the dollar, interest rates, taxes, spending, trade, etc. this is all old hat pre-contraction stuff

    the biggest companies in the market are all tech companies, HUGE worth BILLIONS, but the manufacturing sectirs are starting to show weakening, these huge growth tech companies are propping up the market to appear stronger than it really is at its core

    its coming

    maybe not 2008 but it’s coming

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