Demonizing for fun and profit: Dehumanizing the dissenters

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  • oppostate

    "I hold it to a sign of great prudence in men to refrain alike from threats and from the use of insulting language, for neither of these things deprives the enemy of his power, but the first puts him more on his guard, while the other intensifies his hatred of you and makes him more industrious in devising means to harm you."

    Demonizing the "Apostate" on social media by Gledson Marques.

    Monitoring one's facebook page to combat "bad associations".

    Watch out for "false brothers and apostates"

    "Watch out for false prophets!" from Gledson Marques (JW).

    Do you sense the irony?

  • oppostate
    is dead.

    long live
    the fear mongering on social media continues.

    Maybe it was the negative comments. Maybe it was the pressure from elders to "cool it down". But some JW's are like trained attack dogs, ready to bite and tear at the targets of Momma WT's displeasure. Where's "let your light" shine Loesch talked about?

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