Any "Booted Bethelites" or "Sacked Special Pioneers" coming to your hall?

by freddo 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo
    Anyone coming to a hall near you? Or your hall? Or your circuit? If so let us know what the mood is.
  • truthlover123

    So far one couple - Bethelites --got their Cdn walking orders -- no job, no money, looking for a place to stay --

    no furniture -- no Cdn pension plan fr govt, nothing!!! and they are in late 50's... what's chances????

    Of course, there is free medical care...

  • blondie

    Fortunately, they might live in a country with good benefits for older workers. Ray and Cynthia Franz were booted in their late 50's early 60's. Granted they got $10,000 to "tide" them over but Ray had friends (he was not df'd or da'd) he had made over the years. He got a job and qualified for social security by putting in 10 years of paid employment. He had a friend that found them a place to live.

    I found that most Bethelites either had jw family or jw friends in the old congregation or current one that helped them out when they left. There was usually a self-employed jw that offered them a job, nothing better than having an ex-Bethelite on the payroll. The ones that are the worst off are those who have no jw relatives or congregation contacts.

    It is harder for jws without any contacts or "heavy" friends.without the cachet of being at Bethel or a special pioneer who due to personal circumstances don't get pioneer hours in or are labeled in good standing or have jw family that help them.

  • wannaexit
    Yes, a few a coming in my area, but wont be until the new year. It will be interesting to hear their take on it.
  • freddo
    Anyone prepared to say which country they are in?
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I figure their coming to the local congregations will get some in there to start thinking about things. Those refugees won't be happy or have anything nice to say about the org that booted them out.
  • James Jack
    James Jack
    There is a Long Time Special Pioneer in West Gadsden Alabama (Linda Manolovich), haven't heard about her status.

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