Florida's Key West settles JW's religious discrimination case

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  • darkspilver

    Florida Keys News, Saturday 8 April 2017

    Key West to settle religious discrimination suit by former bus driver

    The city of Key West has reached an agreement to settle a federal lawsuit brought by a former city bus driver who claimed religious discrimination fueled his firing after he refused to work during the nudity-filled Fantasy Fest.

    Bobby Walker Jr. sued the city March 3, 2016, nearly three months after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dismissed his claim over his firing. He accused his bosses of mocking his religious beliefs and making derogatory comments about his race before firing him from the $13-an-hour job in retaliation when he complained.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Hey Key West: I'd be glad to substitute for him during Fantasy Fest!

  • Finkelstein

    Guy may have asked for it.

    What does other people doing in their social activity do with him doing his job as a bus driver or public servant ?

    ie. how many times did this guy pick up individual high on drugs or piss drunk ?

    His position was to just drive people from place to another, not make personal judgments onto their social behavior.

    How many times did he pick up someone going Christmas shopping ?

    You see a lot of stupid is as stupid does in the JWS

  • Finkelstein

    In case if people dont know Fantasy Fest in Key West is an open public parade/party of people dressed up in sometimes very sexual provocative costumes and open nudity is tolerated.

    Its mostly participated by adults, not really a kids Halloween type of celebration.

  • millie210

    Stupid law suit but he probably would have gotten something, so better to settle, is the rule of thumb the city used I guess.

    He cried religious discrimination before with another bus company..

    His lawyer didnt want that mentioned. (I guess not!)

    JWs are an extremely litigious group. He has learned well.

  • waton

    is not a bus driver equivalent to a captain on a ship? to some extent responsible for the going ons on board?

    In another case a driver just parked the vehicle when things went wrong on board. How do you keep a measure of control if your vision gets blurred by genitalia all over? when things go south in the seating area? bsw, you can not go further south in the US than Key West, should call it Key South.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    He cried religious discrimination before with another bus company..

    His lawyer didn't want that mentioned. (I guess not!)

    Probably got fired for not working on Halloween night because of all the demonic costumes some of his passengers would be wearing.

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