Is Heavenly Jerusalem made up of 144,000 and is it God's wife or Jesus Bride? MOTHER?

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  • truthlover123

    In 1957 society said real mother of Christians is not an earthly organization, yet - later said Gal 4:26 shows it is heavenly Jerusalem but three times in Revelation HJ comes to earth to reside with mankind.

    It is also called Jerusalem above.

    In Isa 54:5,6 we are told ""thy maker is thy husband- he has called you as wife" (speaking of earthly Jerusalem) and we are told in many scriptures that God will never forsake his wife - yet the society says it is all spiritual now. That Jerusalem has been cast off.....then 1919, the new agenda for the society is that Jehovahs wife? brought forth more children, making a new nation (anointed) who was delivered from Babylon. No scripture for that one.

    No scripture for the next expounding thought- this remnant (144,000) from 1919, has become a part of the universal organization that is God's wife..

    This makes God's woman, wife, Zion - capital of Jerusalem above with 144,000.

    Then we are told, Christs bride is the New Jerusalem. How can that be?. Then to top it off, these remnants will have power over mankind but non have paid the ransom as Jesus had. They did not die for the world of mankind..

    Christs bride - God's woman????? Jesus marries his MOTHER?

    Have I reached this understanding correctly- the way the society has laid it out?

    Just need a serious comment... I can shake my head at this one

  • FedUpJW

    Trying to understand WT's explanations of scripture is much easier if you can make your mind do this.

  • Dragonslayer

    The 144000 are all JEWS from the 12 tribes of Israel. Its not some metaphorical thing its literal. These are Jews, the firstfruits of the Tribulation believers, who will witness to the world during the 7 year Tribulation (Dan 9:25)

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