I have the answer to the main question to posed here! Do Jehovah's witnesses have the truth?

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  • Bill cur
    Bill cur

    Their is a debate over whether the Jws have the truth or not. I have that answer. Watch my video on YouTube. Bill cur is the channel. The title is warning to ppl of all faith!! Babylon the great-complete exposure/Opus dei/Catholics/Jehovah's witnesses. It answers this question fully using scripture throughout to beyond doubt settle this issue. Every witness on earth must see it. We live in an age of deception. Read the scriptures as you go. The wt has for a very long time tried to look for and identify any major threats to stop them. Slander and silence them. The internet is filled with spies and handlers especially social media. I am their worst nightmare. The truth is very rare and protected with lies. This article and my video needs to be on the front page here. The lies go far deeper than just the wt soc lies. They truly fulfill God's word that Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth. Not everyone but the Jws. Here's the answer. No! And Opus dei. If enough witnesses see this video it will destroy the wt soc forever. It will be attacked and when that's done it will stand because it's truth. So I'll give you 1 and only one thing from the video. The name watchtower comes from forbidden enochian majick. It's another name for new world order. Aka 666. Now a few words. Apostolic succession. Exclusivity. Denying the body of Christ. Lording it over. UN ngo. Declaration of facts.purple pyramidology. Ford werke 1943. Masonic manipulation. Very very few witnesses will be allowed to see the truth or accept it. They are not and will not find life's road. But for the ones that do welcome my Bros and sisters. The truth is hated by all. Theirs a death trap set not just for you but men of all Faith's just as the title states. Your shepherds are wolves. Take the mark or die. Jehovah God allowed me to see the truth through persecution. To these men I am the most dangerous man alive. Black male is compulsory. These men are among the highest ranking luciferians on earth. If you attack it your either dead or a demon. God bless

  • Wasanelder Once
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    You are the apostate hated by apostates.

  • Cimarrona

    What @neat said...

  • doubtfull1799

    I don't think anyone's debating whether the JW's have the truth here!

  • VW.org

    Before I consider any story about a god being real to begin with so as to watch your video, prove to me the reality of the bible. The bible has to many contradictions. Starting from Genesis 3. where god created day and night. Then in Genesis 16, he creates the sun and the moon. In between all of these chapters, he creates the plants.

    How can you have day and night without the sun? The rotation of the earth in conjunction with the sun being in place causes day and night. Somehow the writer of genesis thinks a blue sky is day and a dark sky is night. Not realising the blue sky is caused by the sun filtering through the atmosphere.

    If you can prove to me a logical explanation for this, I will consider being agnostic or theist.

    Note that this is only the start. From genesis to revelation, there are inconsistencies like I have already mentioned.


  • Magnum

    And why would you be entrusted with truth? Why are you so special? Your writing, to me, is indicative of one who is delusional. And I agree with doubffull1799; I don't think there are many on this site who are questioning whether JWs have the truth.

    But, hey, I'll give it a look.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    WTH!! Did I miss something, who have the truth?????

  • DesirousOfChange

    Me thinks that someone is skipping their Depakote.........

  • Crazyguy

    I think you need to go and do more research not about Babylon the Catholics or JWs but all the mythology in the Bible and where it came from, then you’ll have the truth!

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