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  • SpiceItUp

    Been here for quite a while spewing out my thoughts, opinions and observations on many things and have reached a transition time in my life.

    I am not the person I was when I started here nor even 2 months ago. My growth has been intense and impounded upon my heart like I never thought it could be.

    Many years ago I was very scared. i was scared of religion, god, satan and all the judgements and restaints that came along with them. I would even comment to people that "I can't deal with religion cause I'm too screwed up in the head at this point in my life and it will be years before I will even want to broach that subject." Well I was right about it taking years but my time has finally come.

    Along with that I have lots of changes and positive things in my life. People care about me in ways that I many moons ago never thought I deserved. I have received happiness in such a way that if denied now my heart would indeed break. Some know of these things in my life and in due time I will be able to share them with all of you when they are in place.

    Happy times are ahead. Yes there will be the daily battles that I wll have to overcome but I will have help and support as well as my personl reserve not to let them get me down.

    I have come to terms with my past and now look forward to the future and in reaching those long forgotten stars that always seemed unattainable.

    I have delved into religion and spirituality with a positive attitude and fresh view that I never had with Witness chains holding me back.

    I am at the crossroads of my spiritual well being and my journey is just beginning. And even if I never have all the answers thats ok too. Sometimes I really do believe that its the journey thats more important than the destination. is indeed good and I wish everyone the same.

  • berylblue

    Spice, thanks and I'm so happy for you.



    Even after almost 19 years, within the short period of time I have been on "THIS" forum, I have healed immensely.

    I mean, I always sort of figured...'it's been a long time, I'm OK now'. Not entirely. There were things that hit me over the head like an anvil.

    So, I'm with you SpiceItUp.

    There were things that I didn't even know: the new light , and other policy/doctrinal changes since I left in 1984.

    Glad you are here; I am glad I am here.

    Let's hang out and help the newbies. We've been there.

    Great post .

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Happy for you SpiceItUp. Yeah, we all have to go through our ordeals in our own way. Thanks for sharing.

    Guest 77

  • SpiceItUp

    Thanks guys.

    It really is nice to be ok with not having all the answers. I always thought that if i quit believing one thing then I would have to find something else to believe in immediately and thats not the way life has to be. I feel good even with those unknowns.

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