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  • Darkknight757

    I wanted to say hello again and offer a big Thank You to sites like this that have helped so many wake up to Watchtower BS as well as offered the support that so many need after leaving the cult.

    Personally I have been learning more doctrinally with regard to the witlesses lately including more about their history. "Look behind to learn" was a recent theme of the J-dumb broadcast and they are right! We can learn much from the past including all the false prophecy and lies Watchtower has made over the years.


    Good book if you liked the old "flip-flops paper that was written by a former poster here. It is a 430 page book written by a non-Jw.

    In other news, the wife was finally given the go ahead to get prego!! So we are going to try to start a family again. We are quite a bit nervous considering everything that happened last year but happy nonetheless.

    We are just trying to figure out this whole fade/ telling her parents thing. It would be nice to get the fact that we are leaving wt off our chest before getting pregnant to relieve that stress. Any suggestions?

    We were considering just having them over for a meal and telling them how I woke up to wt by reading the bible.

    Keep in mind July 26th please. It's Watchtower victims Memorial Day. Go to the site and download a fitting pdf, buy a dollar store teddy bear and leave it at a local Kingdumb Hell or a park or a bus stop near you. Just a little something to keep the dubs thinking. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for everything again people. This is a great community!!



  • just fine
    just fine
    In my fade what worked best was to say nothing to the parents. When they finally did ask I told them that I loved them and wanted them in my life, but religion was going to be off limits. Also that I wouldn't tell them things that might upset them so please don't ask questions that you are not going to like the answers to. In the beginning it was rocky. Now I have a good relationship with my parents, even vacation together and the religion is never brought up.

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