Do ,Can,Wil,the G.B. today give a timeline of events that will happen before the Great tribulation ? Armageddon ?

by smiddy 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy

    In times past they had no problem giving such a timeline such as the green book dealing with Daniels prophecy concerning the last days.

    "Your Will Be Done On Earth" that is obviously thrown on the scrap heap nowadays .

    Any lurkers should just read it to see how uninspired the GB/WT really is .

  • stillin

    Smiddy, there is no longer anything even resembling "studious" in any of the book study books. It's just drivel.

    A case could be made for a person, in personal study, learning quite a bit from the Insight book and some of the currently available publications of the WTS, but there are many more scholarly books on the public market.

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