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  • David_Jay

    As most of you know there has been a rise in antisemitism in the world as of late, especially in the United States where I live where many of our Jewish Community Centers and schools have been subjected to bomb threats. Around the world many Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized too.

    While I have left the forum earlier this year due to a need to move on with my own healing path (and realizing this forum is doing quite well with the many bright minds already among the crowd), I have briefly returned mainly to write this note of gratitude (though I did post a few times too while I have been here).

    It has been touching and very helpful when Muslims, Christians, and people of other faiths have stood with those of us in the Jewish community to protest this wave of hostility against my people. There have been many public displays of solidarity with us against these acts of hatred and prejudice and some personal notes from friends letting me know I am not alone.

    Some of you have been among those who have voiced your concern for me and other Jews during this time. I want to thank you all, regardless of your personal convictions. After leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses it can be a confusing thing to stop and do something like this, demonstrating solidarity with Jews against this form of prejudice (something Jehovah’s Witnesses practically never do), but this has not stopped some of you from doing this right now. Regardless what spiritual path some of you have taken after you left the Watchtower, you have let me and others know you are standing with the world against this new rise of old hatefulness.

    But especially do I want to thank those of you who are atheist, those of you who are also standing against this wave of prejudice against the Jewish people. Sadly, almost every experience I’ve had in which I was the subject of antisemtism came from a religious person. And while most Christians today are definitely also against this form of discrimination, my most recent experiences with this type of behavior has been mostly from Christians.

    Some atheists on this board have let me know personally how much they are against what is happening. The same are usually very vocal about how they personally do not believe in theism or the Bible or religion. But some of the very same have been the ones to let me know they can put that aside to take their stand against such hate against the Jewish people and their communities. They have reached out and let me know they cared.

    So while I am grateful to whoever you are, those of you who have stopped to locate me or send a message to let me know how you feel, I want to send a special note to those who are not theists but have done the same. To you especially I write: your wholehearted stand against this rise of hate in the world touches me, and I am most grateful to people like you. The world is a better place with you in it.

  • Finkelstein

    You can be apposed to an ideology but not be physically harmful toward those that uphold those ideologies, be it religious or otherwise.

    ie. I'm apposed to the WTS but I don't condone people fire bombing Kingdom Halls.

  • doubtfull1799

    Appreciate your comments David_Jay. It's just further proof that belief in God does not automatically equal moral behaviour and vise versa. On a side note I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed many of your posts that provided a "Jewish" perspective on debates on Biblical meaning & interpretation. They were most enlightening and gave me a different perspective I never had before. So thank you.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    As an atheist, I think that the prejudice, discrimination, and countless pogroms the Jewish people have suffered throughout the past 2000+ years is one of the best arguments against theism. All of the antisemitism shit is rooted in theism (specifically the monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam). It's all been religiously motivated. Even the Holocaust was perpetrated mostly by Christians and in fact Hitler's policy towards the jews was directly inspired by Martin Luther's 'The Jews & Their Lies'. Jews and atheists are natural allies, for we share the same enemies.

  • smiddy

    I too have appreciated your input david as a Jew who has given "the people of the Bible" perspective .

    I may be wrong here but the jews must be the only people/race that have been consistently persecuted since recorded history began ? some 6000 years ?

    I cant think of any people who have been subjected to such sustained persecution in recorded history as the jewish people.

    It beggars my belief how any Jew can still believe in a GOD knowing what went on in Nazi Germany .

    My 33 years as a JW has convinced me to be an atheist ,But thats just me.

    I hope you still contribute from time to time ,dont leave this site entirely as you would be surely missed.

    Take care buddy

  • Ruby456

    thanks david-jay for your sentiments

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP.

    TBH, I tend not to like it when someone says: "speaking as a Jew ..." or "as a disabled black woman ...", etc., but you do offer decent comments from a certain perspective, and I usually enjoy reading your posts.

  • kpop

    Thank you for your comments. I hope you stay around. Shalom.

  • David_Jay

    Thanks again to all for the replies and support.

    @Smiddy and kpop: I may pop in from time to time to see how things are going. But I was a JW as a teenager back in the 1980s and I left way before many here came in. The version of JW religion I joined ended some time ago. Whatever it is that replaced it, I have no idea. I have no interest in catching up by going online to the JW's new website and reading their new materials. And it seems people here have a more of an issue with religion and theism in general, not in the specific doctrines of the Watchtower.

    Since Jews don't believe in proselytizing, and hearing things about religion even if the details are just meant to be educational proved to be too much for some people, I feel I have little to offer. A few particular individuals had even made a sport of insulting me every chance they got and let me know via posts and messages. I know they were just projecting their pain from the Watchtower onto me, and therefore it wasn't really personal. So I knew there was little I could do but let people heal in their own way. I couldn't stay just to be their whipping boy. I need to keep living the best life after the Watchtower and letting that be my "testimony." But I so want even those people who were very bitter towards me to heal, even if it means removing myself from the picture. They deserve it. I really care about everyone who has suffered so horribly from the Watchtower experience.

    @LoveUniHateExams: Yeah, I never really liked saying "speaking as a Jew." I actually cringe when I type that. I would have rather not have had to say anything, but it helped to reduce the tension most of the time.

    The first day I started posting here people attacked me, called me vicious names, sent some horrible messages my way, and for what? All I did was point something out from the Bible. It turns out that some of the people I mentioned above to Smiddy and kpop are not only hurt, they think everyone who quotes the Bible is a Christian, a theist, or a JW supporter.

    So bit by bit I tried to make it clear I was not these things. But a little bit of explanation was not enough in the end.

    We all ate a lot of poison from the Watchtower. When you ingest something bad, you need to vomit. Sometimes you have to vomit for days. For some, hearing any comment that might suggest support in favor of religion can be nauseating. This is a place to let it all out. And as a Jew, even one not advocating their own personal convictions, just the fact that I needed to make that point apparent should have been a suggestion that what I was posting might not have been the right word for the right audience.

    But for the most part all was a great experience here, and for some to remember and let me know they were thinking about me during this time was so touching I had to say thank you.

  • kpop

    Did you happen to see the thread I posted last week about this?

    This is like the arson attack on the black church last year turned out to be a member. This is even worse.


    Why he was fired?


    Look at his Twitter. He is a hate filled racist. He even posted the attacks on the Jewish centers and said "kids are there!"


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