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  • Wonderment
  • Phizzy

    JW org showing their ignorance once again, Philemon is a genuine letter of Paul, Titus, along with 1st and 2nd Timothy, is not.

  • Wonderment

    What? It took a good portion of the year to publish two small Bible books (Titus & Philemon) in their Study Bible Edition.

    What will the WT do when they get to the Hebrews book? The Revelation book? How long will that take? The Revelation book might be their biggest challenge yet. How can a translator avoid the many symbolic references found throughout? How can they be explained in a simple manner without sounding too dogmatic?

  • Jeffro

    Most of the ‘study notes’ repeat information in other publications so it’s not a as though it’s quite the mammoth effort it’s portrayed to be. I think they release the Study edition gradually to make JWs think they’re always getting something new despite the very limited number of ‘new releases’ compared to years ago.

  • Jeffro


    The Revelation book? How long will that take? The Revelation book might be their biggest challenge yet.

    It also will collect notes from previous publications. But given the changes in their most recent Ezekiel commentary along with other nonsense about Gog, the ‘king of the north’, etc, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a new attempt at a Revelation commentary might be in the making.

  • ThomasMore

    Anything WTC produces will be out of print and Verboten later. Can anyone take them seriously? I have a set of Studies in the Scriptures and let me tell you, that is the most jumbled nonsense that anyone could ever devise. No serious Bible scholar would endorse the misinterpretaions that are presented as dogmatic facts.

    WTC wants to call the changes "new light" but it is just the same old darkness. WTC should be ashamed, and they should get out of the Bible interpretation business. Their best bet is to stick with what they are good at - REAL ESTATE FLIPPING.

  • NotBlind

    Titus and Philemon together take maybe 30 minutes to read, tops. Whether they're authentic or not, they're both pretty straightforward and require little 'interpreting' from WTBTS.

    The WT can keep their 'notes' and 'study' edition. They just amount to more opinions of men which will be outdated old light in just a few years.

  • slimboyfat

    JWs have traditionally argued that the Old and New Testaments are equal worth for Christians - that’s the reason they rejected the names Old Testament and New Testament, because it was argued that the word “old” could be deprecatory.

    So it’s interesting to note that for their new Study Bible they decided to start at Matthew rather than Genesis, and it will probably take them years, if they ever do get round to cover the books in the Hebrew Bible.

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