Where and What. . . IS THE EVIDENCE for "Mental ILLNESS"? ? ?

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  • hybridous
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    In my heavily indoctrinated from birth JW opinion...

    Mental illness is with the poor individual that is born a certain gender, but his/her ill mind is telling them they belong as a member of the opposite gender. Bruce Jenner is mentally ill.

    A type of mental illness is with the female/male individual that feels sexual/love attraction with a person of the same sex.

    Mental illness is with a tormented person that continuously tattoos/pierces/deforms themselves in some way, and of course, always with some sort of excuse/justification.

    Mental illness is with the person that feels sad for no reason at all; all is well in their life, in a moment, and this subject is really sad.

    Mental illness is with all involved in the Gothic movement. Sick looking for sure.

    Varying degrees of mental illness is with the KKK and similar racist/divisive movements.

    Mental illness exists in so many forms that is quite hard to find a well balanced individual.

    Some poets have said that there's a bit of 'crazy' in all of us.



    The man presenting this video is a Libertarian blogger/ podcast Philosopher named Stephen Molyneux.....Terry

    More Intellectual Gems from Stephen Molyneux

    To DeFOO simply means to disassociate from, and ostracize, your family of origin. FOO is an acronym used in the psychological community.

    In most DeFOO cases, the entire family must be ostracized. This is because the family is a system of abuse. If your grandparents or aunts and uncles support your parents, they are also corrupt. If your siblings dismiss your feelings, defend your parents, or were abusive to you themselves, they too are corrupt. Should you wish to be consistent you will cast all corrupt FOO relationships from your life......Stephen Molyneux

    Was this guy ever a FOO-kin JW?


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    At the 17:20+ he quotes other MDs like Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness, who have the same belief as he. Quoting his fellow believers? Some of those quotes seem to come from old sources like Szasz's book from 1961! That was before sophisticated brain scans were available.

    I read Szasz's book 30 some years ago and I was not impressed.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    It is hard to imagine any part of the human body that is not subject to disease, disorder, dysfunction, infection, etc. Why would the brain be the exception? No question in my mind that mental illness is real. Quite a bit of it can now be shown on an MRI or PET Scan.

  • hybridous

    Hi Terry, and thanx for posting. I did watch/listen to the video and found it useful more for the questions it raised than those it answered.

    In summary, I can tell you that that whatever destructive, dysfunctional behaviour present in my family observed over the years was constantly, in some WAY, SHAPE, of FORM incentivised and exascerbated by the JW religion. I have certifiable, mentally ill folks in my family, and I can testify that the JW religion played at least a necessary (if not sufficient) role in these poor outcomes.

    And really, what could we expect from a wholesale rejection of reality in favor of a fiction?

    The people in question never did undergo counseling; were medicated instead.

    I suffered an abusive, born-in childhood, and suffered greatly, until I got counseling. I purposely sought a non-medicinal course of treatment, because I was leery of taking on a problem as I discarded another one.

    I do realize that 'your mileage may vary' and I do not aim to suggest to anyone else a correct course of action to alleviate whatever their problems are. I figure that when it comes to this stuff, we all will do what we must.

  • AmIright
    I am not a jw, but I interact with some, have an ex-jw girlfriend who is mentally ill. theyre all mentally ill in my opinion.
  • AmIright
    they do realise mental illness results in the breakdown of synapse in the brain? #physicalevidence
  • Finkelstein

    It would be fair to say that the mind altering Drugs are being overly prescribed and used and pushed more in rich modernized societies. for economic reasons than anything else.

    They may help people who really need something quick and attainable but a better way to resolve problems is more about changing a person's sociological behavior to support a state of good mental health.

    I do think Stephen Molyneux. goes way over board into demeaning certain drugs which have proven to help people with varying conditions.

  • bohm

    Shunning... Rants against the mental health professionals..

    The guy should be a scientologist.

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