My Bethel Experience Part 12

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  • new boy
    new boy
    • They say “love is what makes the world go around.” At Bethel, we "new boys" had a saying. "If God created anything better then SEX, he kept it for himself!"

    How would we know? Most of us never had it. Didn't make any difference. We talked about it...........fantasied about it...........dreamt about it..........I' m sure because we couldn’t have it. That is why we glorified it so much. Hey! We were 20 years old and virgins! Some of us were in our 30's! We had some raging hormones going on.

    Most of the guys who left Bethel, got married within a week after leaving the big house! I was different.....I waited 2 weeks! I had will power.......that’s not entirely true there was circuit assembly the week after so we had to wait a week.

    Before we talk about sex at bethel............It would be good to talk about the history of sex in the organization. They would say that it started with Adam & Eve.......but the real organization is less than 150 years old. In reality it’s an 1800's religion, with an 1800's morals mentality. You know it got started back in the “The Victorian” period.

    Anyway back in the Garden of where the real problem got the organizations mind anyway.

    The first real question ever posed...............Had nothing to do with universal sovereignty as the church would have you believe, it was about ..........Ever LASTING LIFE with God........... Or really GOOD SEX with a perfect wife for a few years........"Ahhhh............GOD I think I will take the sex please, thank you!!!!

    Remember it said, “The man was NOT deceived!” He KNEW what he was his mind the choice was clear..............everlasting life with god. A god who let’s face it, really wasn’t all that friendly, who was also invisible. Or he could chose a few wonderful years of bliss, with the woman of his dreams, the love of his life! A visible woman.

    What a hero he was!!!!! ........He was the first man to die for LOVE and really GOOD SEX.........I say good sex because, who would give up everlasting life for an eternity of bad sex?........God didn't create no fool........What he did create, was a perfect man and a perfect woman, with a perfectly NORMAL and healthy sex drive.

    P.S. I hate to break it to you but the whole Garden of Eden thing is pure urban myth.

    Churches think that Adam should have chosen God over his wife ...... and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are no different. Religions are about control........and since most religions are run by self-righteous men with control and sexual issues........ Men who want to suppress women and sex, for control and power. Churches that say "the head of the woman is the man." God NEVER wrote that....... MAN wrote that! Men have been using it against women for thousands of years, to gain power over them.

    So as a Jehovah Witness, sex is strictly FORBIDDEN before marriage........There is no sex before marriage and sadly sometimes very little after and since usually the only person you ever have sex with is the first person you had sex with, there is also plenty of sexual incompatibility going on too. That is why more people are kicked out of the JWs every year for sexual reasons than anything else!

    1. Sex out of wedlock.

    2. Sex with someone besides your marriage mate.

    3. Sex with your own kids or other people's kids.

    Yep, sex is their biggest problem

  • new boy
    new boy
    1. Sorry some of the tread got left out.

      So ... that brings us to our Bethelities. Most of people that are called to Bethel, are single young men who are at their sexual peak. They signed a 4 year contract to stay at the house of god, no matter what. That means no sex, no matter what. So you can see we are going to have some very interesting things going on there.

      Well were to start? We already talked about the gays and the NPGs.......plenty of those. The rest of the guys there, fall into different groups.

      1. You had the guys who had girlfriends before they came. They asked the girls to wait for them. The odds of them making their time, were almost 0%. I knew of 1 guy that did that, in 4 years that way.

      2. Guys that got girl friends in the New York area while they were there.

      3. Guys that got together with a Bethel sister and married them.

      4. Guys that got girl friends back home when they were on vacations.

      5. Then of course there were some that just got a hooker on 8th Ave.

      6. Guys that got no girlfriends but just masturbated a lot. Know it wasn’t legal.

      We'll talk about them all on the next tread.

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